Back in  February we were showcased on ABS-CBN News Green Living program. It was the middle of the dry season then at a time when we get no rain for 5 to 6 months. Right now we are coming to the end of the wet season so it’s planing time for when we can grow things other than rice.

This year the rains came 6 weeks later than last year! By the time the rains finally came we had given up trying to plant rice this year, seeing we thought there would not be enough rain. And then the rains came just as we were about to plant corn! Big learning for us to be more connected and trust that despite the massive changes in global weather, the rains will still come. Right now we only have one field in corn crop and with all the rain it’s struggling.

Anyhow here is an edited version of the TV show we were showcased on. Seeing it’s been so wet recently we have had time to play with other things. The video shows how absolutely beautiful it is around here – we are very blessed.

We ‘borrowed’ this video material to create this temporary video until we can get our own created in November when a lady from Russia who is a professional videographer will be joining us as a WWOOF.

Do you have any special WWOOF skills

We are often on the look out for special WWOOF skills such as blog writing and internet marketing skills so that we can promote the Happy House Organic Farm more. So if you have these skills do let us know directly when you contact us to come and WWOOF here.

Special WWOOF Opportunity With Young Children

Our little daughter Kyra is also coming to the age where we want to start a more formal education program for her so we are looking out for someone who wants to be here for 3 months or more and not only support Kyra but also some of the other local kids. We have a big space at the Happy House that can be used. We will build a hut for you so you have your own space. Past WWOOF guests have run informal classes and it’s been great to see the local kids enjoying learning English and having fun. We are ideally looking for someone who is super creative with kids in the 4 – 6 age group and has a natural education experiential learning focus.