WWOOF – Organic Farm Work Exchange


We have been super blessed to receive many WWOOF guests over the first 6 years of our farm. We are eternally grateful for all the amazing energy we have received and the special people we have met.

As of Jan 2019 though we have stopped taking WWOOF guests.

To close off a special era here’s a comment from Yvonne – one of our early WWOOF guests :

Yvonne WWOOF guestHello David, Carol, and Kyra! Stayed only for a week and a half and I have never lived such a healthy lifestyle (mind and body). Thanks to you guys, I was able to do construction activities I never would have been able to in Canada. I’m so glad you gave me the opportunity to help out with a brand new project that I saw from start to finish. As mention before my favorite part about your farm, was that there were always people at your farm making it very lively and everybody I met (including in Sison) were extremely friendly and made me feel so welcomed. I definitely enjoyed my stay and I left this farm with new perspective of things. I’m going to try my best to live the healthy lifestyle your family has inspired. Good luck with your future projects!
Yvonne, Toronto Canada

More help from Organic farm volunteer Dag

And a special mention to Dug shown here converting our early compost heap into our home the ‘Little Happy House’.

Dug was one of our super early guests – we have just rebuild the Little Happy House (Sept 2019) and all Dug’s great walls and pillars are still strong and have been kept in the new house. We will always remember his great energy and superb contribution to our home.


Some Heart Warming History …

Image of Happy House Organic Farm 2 Carol and Mylene at local store near Happy House Farm - Organic Farm Volunteer Philippines volunteer visitors tree no leaves organic farmmason working on guest room busy on organic farm Guava flower on farmsunset at Happy House Organic Farm



Organic Farm Volunteer Philippines - working on guest room with JakePatrick at beachOrganic Farm - KyraLocal visitor to organic farm


local cows on beach nearbyDSCN1572DSCN1484Francesco Organic Farm Philippines guestKyra taken by Francesco at beachDSCN1442volunteer Rachel organic farm guest PhilippinesHerb garden creationFinola UKjan2014-9Carol resting with KyraMore help from Organic farm volunteer Dag