Billy goat project visiting one of goat prospective children's family with farm volunteers

Life at the Happy House Farm can be quite busy and full on at times for us BUT always exciting and fun. We are blessed with the variety and the great people who choose to notice that we have something special going on here in this small corner of the world and want to be a part of what is being created.

Take a peek at the last few days at the farm with all the volunteer guest activities and everyone having fun.

The big things we did this week is take a group from the farm to visit young girl who would be the first recipenet of the Billy Project goats – Rizza is her name. She is in the last year at the elementary school and next year she can go to high school as long as she creates the funds to do this. The Billy project empowers the local kids to do this. Read more about the Billy project – and go buy a goat to empower a child with their future education!

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