Visit Us Soon :  Organic Farmstay In Luzon – Northern Philippines

Enjoy a unique organic farmstay : come for a night or more, on your own or as a group – private, shared and camping spaces available

Your host Carol with daughter Kyra

For your organic farmstay we have a large self-contained space with kitchen and dinning space that can accommodate up to 12 people, a private room for 2 or 3 people and a nature bamboo hut for 2 or 3 people, 3 camping spaces (we provide tents).

There is lots to do :

  • Nature walks abound
  • Relax
  • Fish at the farm
  • Have a massage
  • Walk to the beach
  • Catch a fish and have a BBQ
  • Learn about organics
  • Learn healthy cooking
  • and more …
Just relax and hang out in our nature-abundant organic farm, combine with a lifestyle program, or help out casually on the farm as you feel.
If you are looking for the WWOOF volunteer worker page click here.


We have panoramic views all around and you can walk to the beach


Come and experience simple organic farm living here in Luzon just 10 minutes walk to the beach 1 1/2 hours south of San Fernando La Union, 1 hour from Baguio and an easy 3 1/2 hours by car from Quezon City Manila.

Come and be part of our family.
We love meeting new people and sharing our lifestyle.
Everyone who comes loves the experience of real rural living here in the Philippines.


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private farmstay accommodation
Camping farmstay
Private farmstay room
Sky Hut - farmstay accommodation


from ₱3000 for unit or ₱600 for bed

  • Rent whole unit OR share space
  • Use all Happy House shared facilities
  • Composting toilets
  • Self contained
  • 60 sq m space
  • Larger groups possible by arrangement
  • Kitchen + dinning + relax space + office desk
  • Great for yoga with large mirror
  • 3 composting toilets + 3 private nature shower areas
  • Book via AIRBNB


from ₱1200 for 2 people

  • Children 5 and under free is sharing a bed
  • Queen size bed
  • Private entrance
  • Self contained
  • 15 sq m space
  • Desk
  • Max 3 people
  • Use of Happy House kitchen + dinning + relax space
  • 2 composting toilets + 2 private nature shower areas
  • Book via AIRBNB


from ₱680 for 2 people

  • Large 3 person tent
  • Comfy mattress, bedding & pillows
  • Use all Happy House shared facilities
    ~ Kitchen + dinning + relax space + office desk
  • Composting toilets
  • Sea views
  • Self contained
  • Larger camping groups possible by arrangement
  • 3 composting toilets + 3 private nature shower areas
  • Book via AIRBNB


from ₱1100 for 2 people

  • Double size bed
  • Private entrance
  • Self contained
  • 10 sq m space
  • Mountain, Sea and fish pond views
  • Desk
  • Max 3 people
  • Use of Happy House kitchen + dinning + relax space
  • 2 composting toilets + 2 private nature shower areas
  • Book via AIRBNB


All bedding provided   *  Towels if needed

Meals Available From Happy House Kitchen (see menu)


book direct
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Send an email booking now
OR SMS  +63 9163 390 427
Give us all the details – dates, number people etc.

We may require a booking deposit depending on the time of the year.
This can be paid direct into our BPI or Union Bank accounts or paid through money transfer.

We stayed for the long Chinese New Year weekend, and even though it was just three days we had wonderful time. Carol and David were accommodating and we felt extremely welcomed and cared for. The farm is child-friendly, quiet, and relaxing. We enjoyed our hike to the beach as we passed by plenty of vegetable gardens and friendly locals. The place is perfect for us to spend long weekends as it’s just a few hours away by car from Manila.

Lana (from Manila)

We joined our friend for the long weekend at Chinese New Year and loved it.. We felt so welcomed and enjoyed being able to have a fire at night and BBQ. Our daughter loved it too and had a lot of fun with little Kyra.

Mark (from Manila)

This was a new experience for my husband and I but we enjoyed it, and our daughter loved the farm experience.

Dianne (from Manila)

My time at the Organic Farm with David, Carol and little Kyra was very short but very sweet. The food was really wonderful and the Gumot village was full of friendly people.

Stan de Hoog (Holland)

It was a great experience. I have my own land and am creating an organic space so it was good to get some good ideas. The food was great and space relaxing.

Randy (Manila)

organic farm AIRBNB Location map Sagada caves and Banaue

Perfect Organic Farm Location

We are perfectly located just off the national highway en-route to San Fernando La Union in the Barangay of Gumot which is an easy 6 hour bus ride from Manila or only 3.5 hours by car (from Quezon City).

View here for our Organic Farm map.

Our farm is at the very end of the Gumot Barangay road – 3km away from the highway so it’s in a super quite and lightly populated rural farming community. The road is concreted right to our gate. There is secure road-side parking.

From Baguio we are only one and a half hours away, the same for San Fernando La Union.

The farm is at a cooler elevation of around 400m with sea breezes from the ocean only 15 minutes easy walking distance away.

Overseas Visitors

There are so many places you can go to visit in the Philippines but if you are wanting to get away from the overcrowded cities and relax in nature while experiencing the real Philippines, staying at the Happy House Organic farm will be a great choice for you.

Over the last 2 years we have hosted over 200 visitors from overseas who have loved our organic farmstay experience.

We live and eat naturally while focusing on taking care of the environment. Your hosts David and Carol are very experienced with overseas people. David is originally from the UK but now is a New Zealand Citizen, and Carol, while being born in the local area, has lived overseas in Singapore for over 15 years.

Most who come to the farm and stay for a week or more just love learning new things and getting involved on the farm helping out as they want.

Local Visitors

There are so many things you could do on a weekend or over a long-weekend – or a week if you have the time – but have you ever considered staying on an organic farm and doing something very different? Digging in the dirt, exercising long-unused muscles, breathing fresh air, eating organic food or simply watching the stars come out at night before you build a camp fire to roast local cashew nuts or a fish you caught for a nighttime snack – there are so many experience opportunities awaiting you!

Getting away from the city and relaxing by doing something very different is not only refreshing and educational, but can be awakening. Being close to nature makes it easier to connect with ourselves and take time to feel grateful and appreciative for the many simple things we have in life. Life is simple – but are you taking time to make your life simple 🙂

Organic Farm Stay Experience

The Happy House Organic farm is located in a traditional rural rice farming community 3km away from the main road so it’s easy for transportation, but far enough away so it’s peaceful and quiet. Right now if you walk ten metres outside our gate you will see our neighbours farming in the traditional way. Yesterday, Jimmy, our next door neighbour was ploughing his fields using is Carabao (water buffalo) in the morning and in the afternoon was planting rice. Sometimes our guests also help our neighbours so they can experience more.

Different Activities At Different Times Of the Year

We are located in a very dry area of Luzon so our seasons are very distinct. Here are our basic activities and time periods:

  • Jan – vegi garden planting – tree management – weeding and composting
  • Feb – soil erosion management – building work – tree care – compost making  – firewood processing
  • Mar – soil erosion management – building work – trimming trees – clearing banks
  • Late April May – field preparation + some planting ready for the rainy season + vegi garden preparation – planting of seedlings in the nursery ready for rainy season
  • June – July – Aug – Rainy season – best time for planting – rice planting starting in June if the rains have been strong enough, otherwise July – tree planting throughout – bamboo planting from July
  • Sept – Oct – Harvesting + Vegi garden work + LOTS of compost making from all the grass
  • Oct – Nov – Dec – planting last crops for the year such as sweet potatoes – beans – putting all fields under cover crop ready for dry season – some building work later in the year when it’s drier

Come As A Farmstay Guest – Leave As A Friend

We welcome individuals and families to join with us and experience life at our Happy House Farm for two nights or more. While you stay with us you can help out on the farm with the daily activities and cooking to the level you desire. The more you help out the more you will learn and enjoy your stay. We are also now running some local projects to support the school kids go to school – one is the Billy project the other is the YES! Gumot project – you can help with these too.

Organic Farmstay Philippines Contribution

We want to allow as many people as possible to join us on this farmstay experience and have a unique experience, so we only make a nominal charge to cover food and accommodation. Any extra income generated is used to fund the farms expansion and give local people meaningful paid work.

Our Organic Farm Location … Getting Here

Located with sea views in Western Luzon easy access from Manila

farm stay location map
  • 6 hours from Manila by public transport
  • 3 1/2 hours from Manila by private car
  • 1 hour from Baguio by private car
  • 1 1/2 hours from Baguio by public transport
  • 1 hour from San Fernando La Union
  • just 10 minutes drive off the main highway well serviced by tricycles
  • cement road to the farm gate

When you book we will send you exact instructions depending on where you are travelling from. We can also arrange a paid pickup in Rosario township to meet you off the bus. In the mean time check out our organic farm location map below. This is a link to our Google map location : 16°12’38.9″N 120°25’57.1″E  ( 16.210808, 120.432542 )

View our Google organic farm stay map.


What Sort Of Things Can You Expect To Experience On Your Farmstay?

Nature is the number 1 thing! Raw nature. We are located in a special rural area that is very clean and fresh with sea breezes blowing in cool air most of the day and all night. Being close to nature these days is special indeed. We try to keep everything as natural as possible on our farm. Because of this there is a lot of peace to be found here. The best way to enjoy your farmstay is though participation so some lifestyle programs things while you are here. Getting physically involved in things allows you to inject not only your energy but your passion into what is being created – this is a very satisfying experience – especially for young people. At the end of the day though – what you experience is up to you and how much you are willing to let go, be curious, ask questions and explore all the while having fun!

Want To Know More Or Get Detailed Travel Info ?

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