picking organic papayaIt was so loverly to spend a few simple moments today and go and pick our first papaya with Kyra. Kyra loves papaya (and so do I) so we have planted around about 35 papaya trees so far. We have lost about 10 seeing we planted them in the wrong place or at the wrong time Рthe joys of learning how to connect with the land and the cycles. We still have plenty of trees though and they are flourishing.  

Right now we have about 10 plants growing in the nursery to be interplanted next to giant papaya’s next to the path at the Little Happy House. The giant onces were planted for fruit and shade and the ones we will interplant between the giant ones are dwarf plants growing only 1.5 metres tall but producing a profusion of juicy fruit. Yes we will be in papaya land in a years time! Come and enjoy a papaya shake with us soon!