Location Map

Farm Address:
La Union,
Luzon ( 6hrs North of Manila by bus – 3 hrs by car )

DIRECTIONS: We are located 4 to 5km West of town of Rosario in the Barangay of Gumot.

  • Follow the national Hwy towards San Fernando In province of La Union
  • At Benteng Crossing (click for map) turn left into the Barangay
  • When you reach the fork in the road 300m after you leave the main highway – go straight ( as in take the ‘left’ fork – the right one goes to Sapilang )
  • Follow the road for 3 more kilometres past the Gumot school and up the steep hill
  • After the steep hill you will pass Marlene’s store on the right – continue down the hill and under the large power lines
  • Go up the next hill and at the top of that hill you will see a very small sign for our farm on the right
  • We are located about 100m before the VERY end of the Barangay road

Here is a zoom’d in map :

Notice the two physical landmarks on the map > Coldwater Mountain Spring water purifying shop and Del Monte Rosario Resort – both well sign posted. Benteng Crossing ( entrance to Barangay’s)  is the only road between these two landmarks. There is a waiting shed with tricycles and a small store at the entrance. It’s only 100m between the two landmarks – they are very close together.

Organic farm La Union location map



This is a link to our Google map location : https://goo.gl/maps/FdeQ6
16°12’38.9″N 120°25’57.1″E  ( 16.210808, 120.432542 )

View in Satellite view to see a different view.