I do not know who coined this term: ‘human experience’ but probably I will ‘insult’ them tonight – after all, only an alien could really coin such a term when they were sending an update report ‘back-home’ to their alien bosses telling them what a ‘WEIRD’ group the humans are…

I simply must admit though that at so many junctions in my life I feel SO ‘un-human’ – Am I really only one of 200,000 people (out of 7.3+ billion) on this planet who really and deeply want to :

  • Love everyone as their family
  • Love this planet as a home beyond homes
  • Care for our environment like we would our grandmother (I loved mine deeply!)
  • Use resources as carefully as we could
  • Remember life is really about JOY – CONNECTION – CARING and FUN
  • Try to be grateful for all I have each and EVERY DAY no matter what

A tear comes into my eye when I feel I am one of so few. I hope more will join soon and turn this measly number of 200,000 into 6 billion.