I have a secret – and it took me 47 years to discover it! Here it is : Give First.

Maybe this should be the shortest post I ever write seeing you would think that the words : Give First are self explanatory. But often the most simple of things are hard to work out.

Try this one : “The secret of self-defense is – not being there.”  Do you get it? Do you understand?  So sometimes the most simple of words have such a deep meaning that the true meaning is in fact hidden in plain site.

Well maybe this is a plug for my book : The Power Of 8 but I will give you a little more in this post – but if you want more – do read my book (ebook)  – and it will answer in detail why giving first is the most powerful thing you can ever do when you want to create something for yourself.

Giving first is the key to all success because the whole of life loves a gift! So many people talk about giving as being a special secret but the power of giving only works when you give first!

Imagine this : Your team-member has been doing a great job so you call them into your office to offer them a bonus. You have noticed them and how amazing they have been. How will they feel? How will your notice impact them – more than the bonus payment ? Yes of course!  But imagine now the scenario where the same person asks for a pay rise and you say yes – will they feel the same if you had offered this to them first without asking? And will they be as committed to the company? I think your answer will be the same as my experience – NO! This is the power of giving first. But there is a lot more to giving first – so peek at my book 🙂