FAQ For Happy House Farm

Your questions answered

Thank you for wanting to visit and bring your group to the Happy House Organic Eco Farm. We are blessed you feel excited to join us.

Here are some common questions we have been asked – do contact us if any of your questions are not answered here and we will reply fast. For further details:


What is the farm full address?

Island of Luzon 6hrs North Manila, Barangay (Village) of Gumot 11km West of town of Rosario,  follow the national Hwy to San Fernando. In the province of La Union

  • 100m before the VERY end of the road at Gumot Nagcularan
  • Go past the power lines and up the hill
  • Look out for the small sign on the right of the road at the top of the hill.

Do you have some detailed driving instructions?

If coming from Baguio or Manila head to Rosario La Union and then take the San Fernando road heading North West out of the town.

About 5km out of the town you go across a river – keep your eyes open from here you are not too far away.

After the river the road starts winding – after the third curve the road straightens out as it goes downhill fast – slow down because you are approaching Benteng Crossing where you need to leave the National Highway. Cold Water Mountain Spring water shop is on the right – the turn is on the LEFT 20m past that shop. If you get to Del monte rosario resort you have passed the exit road. You will see a waiting shed and tricycles at the exit road junction. 

Here is a map showing the junction. Once you turn left – keep going till the road forks – take the LEFT fork (as in go straight ahead) and continue to the end of the road. You will pass the local primary school and go up a steep hill. Then after the hill you pass UNDER large national power lines. We are at the top of that hill on the right – if you get lost just ask anyone there – they know the Happy House.

Do you have a google map reference for the exact farm location?

Yes here is the location – just type it into the search box for Google Maps :

16.210883, 120.432525

Do you have a longitude and latitude for our GPS?

Yes here is the location  : 16.210883, 120.432525

Where is the general area that the group eco centre and organic farm is located and is there a map and instructions on how to get there ?

We are located in the Philippines on the island of Luzon (main Island where Manila is located). We are about a 3-hour drive from Manila via the TPLEX.

Address: Happy House Farm, Very end of the road, Nagcularan, Gumot, Rosario, La Union Google Map

Is there a map in satellite view?


Is the road concreted to your farm gate?

Yes there is a concrete road to our gate. We are at the end of the road so easy to find.

How far off the main national highway is the farm?

We are only 3km from the National highway.

Can mini-vans travel on your local road?

Yes, there is no issue with mini-vans. We have had many groups come by mini-van. However, more than 20 seater mini-vans could have issues with our steep hill. In this case, passengers may have to walk up the hill for 100m.

How far are you from the TPLEX exit at Rosario?

We are around 12km from the TPLEX exit. The Rosario TPLEX exit is due to open around mid-2020. Till then the Pozorrubio exit is the next closest.

Is there safe parking for our vehicles?

We are in a zero-crime area. There has never been a crime incident in our area in the last 7 years.

Parking is available in our driveway and on the roadside. We are at the very end of the road so there is no through traffic.

There is easy parking for over 10 vans.


Are there any local hotels where our group can stay if we want to?

The Monte del Rosario resort is very close. They have nice cozy enough rooms and they have a large swimming pool. It’s easy to get a tricycle to and from the resort for just 50 pesos each way. Here is the link to their site : montedelrosario.blogspot.com

There is also a new resort location just past Monte del Rosario on the left hand side about 1km past – they also have swimming pools.

What type of accommodation is available at the Happy House Organic?

We have four spaces available:

  1. Happy House: our self-contained workshop and guest space – accommodates up to 20 people in a large shared room at the Happy House with breakout space, kitchen and dinning area with three composting toilets available and three private nature shower areas.
  2. See View Kobo: a large nipa roof Kobo overlooking the sea perfect to sleep around 6 to 8 people. It’s a nature space that we lay out beds and insect screens to make it very cosy.  It’s next door to the see view camping area.
  3. See View Camping Area: a large area designated for 4 to 6 family-sized tents. It’s right next to the  See View Kobo overlooking the sea perfect to sleep around 20 people. We have tents and you can bring your own.
  4. Extension Camping Area: closer to the see surrounded by open spaces and tall trees it’s a perfect space for camping and group meetings. The space can accommodate tents for over 100 people.
  5. Sky View private Kobo and Little Happy House private rooms: We have three private spaces. Sky View Kobo is a nature hut overlooking the Sky View fish pond and the other 2 rooms are private guest rooms with private door access in the Little Happy House.


Camping is the way we can accommodate large groups of over 50 people. This is perfect outside the rainy season. Camping time is good from late October through till mid-May.

What bathrooms and toilets are there?

All our facilities are nature-based making them part of our unique experience we offer groups.

  • Happy House has – 3 composting toilets outside plus 3 private nature showers plus an outdoor public showering area (with swimming costume).
  • Little Happy House  has – two composting toilets plus one private nature shower plus an outdoor public showering area (with swimming costume).

Do we need to bring bedding or towels?

Group members will need to bring their own towel. We have limited towels to rent for 50 pesos for those who need them.

Depending on your group size you may need to bring bedding. Smaller groups we can provide all bedding except towels. We will inform you about bedding on booking and quote this in your price.


Can we bring our own food for our group?

If your group is on a budget then you can bring your own food. If you need food preparation space we make a small charge for the use of our facilities.

However – we ask that groups respect our food policy of only FISH animal products. We do not allow any other meat products on the farm.

What food options are available for our group?

All our meals are plant-based with fish as an option.

We cook both Western and local dishes depending on group requirments. We can agree a menu in advance if required.

Can you provide snacks for our group?

Yes we can at a reasonable price.

Can we fish at the farm for the group meals ?

Yes if arranged in advance.

Can we do our own cooking to reduce costs  ?

Yes you can but only plant-based ingredients or fish are allowed to be consumed on the farm.

How many people can work in your kitchen and is it well equipped ?

There is space for around 8 people to work at the same time in the kitchen. There is a secondary kitchen space where 10 people can work doing meal preparation.

Yes, our kitchen is well equipped to cater for large groups.

What if we have vegetarian, vegan or gluten-allergy dietary requirements in our group ?

We can easily cater for both vegetarian and vegan diets. Most of our meals are naturally plant-based. We can take care of those with gluten allergies too. Both would requite advanced notice of the numbers on booking.

Are all your food ingredients organic?

It depends on the time of the year and the size of your group. Well over 50% of our ingredients are often sourced from our own farm with the rest normally being sources locally from neighbors farms where they chemical spray use is limited.

Can we buy organic vegetables from you when our group visits?

It depends on the time of the year and what is available – but sure if we have available we often sell.


Seeing you are a nature farm are there any restrictions on conventional shampoo, toothpaste and soap use?

We have an eco-based water recycling system. Because of this, we have to restrict the use of commercial personal hygiene products. We provide eco-shampoos, soaps and toothpaste for our guests (small charge). Only our toiletries can be used on the farm to stop our soils becoming contaminated over time from the strong (and often toxic) chemicals (like fluorine) in commercial products.

Is there internet?

We have 4G wireless internet on the farm. You can access both Globe and Smart 4G services using your own devices.

We can provide free access to the internet for groups for a small additional daily fee.

Which internet provider is best on the farm?

Globe has the BEST coverage on our farm and fastest speeds.

Do you have farm animals?

We currently don’t have animals but there are many of our neighbours farms close by with animals and many of their chickens visit our farm.

Are there a lot of mosquitoes?

We do not have a lot of mosquitoes but at times such as after rain there are more. Mosquitoes only really come out here at dawn and dusk, the rest of the time there are none unless you are working in the undergrowth where there are a few during the day.

Is there an ATM / cash machine close by?

The nearest ATM is in Demortis (enroute to Agoo / San Fernando). This is about 7km from our farm gate. Otherwise, Rosario town has about 3 ATM machines.

What type of food is served?

Our natural food is plant-based with a blend between Western, Filipino and other Asian dishes.

We tend towards a pretty healthy diet but are not super rigid.

The only meat served and acceptable on the farm is fish and if cooked is always served separate.

Those on a vegetarian or vegan diet will have no issues staying with us. The fish is normally our own from our organic fish ponds.

We also buy and use eggs and dairy products. Other meat and meat products are not purchased or really welcome on the farm but again we are not super rigid but the general preference is not to consume normal meat and meat products.

We do not class ourselves as vegetarian because it comes with a mixed philosophy – instead we focus on what makes us feel good – so we do not feel bad about other people eating meat. We just live simply and enjoy eating great healthy food mostly of plant and fruit origins.

Can we smoke on the farm?

Our farm has a non-smoking policy. Guests can smoke at the gate and dispose of your cigarette butts properly.

Smoking of Marijuana is strictly prohibited and nor do we want people having this substance in their possession while visiting us. This also goes for any other illegal substances.

Can we drink on the farm?

The consumption of spirits is not permitted but wine and beer are fine.

What if we have vegetarian or a vegans in our group?

Our natural diet is plant-based so is ‘vegetarian’ based with a large amount of ‘vegan’ based foods. We do eat fish and eggs. We are not vegetarians or vegans – we just do what feels good and do not adopt any philosophy around food.

So if you normally do not eat meat you will have no issues at the Happy House Farm – same goes for ‘vegan’ diets. The farm only allows the consumption of fish and seafood anyhow.

We focus on healthy food as much as possible and eating raw foods, fruit smoothies etc. We can adjust our meals to make sure you are always well looked after and of course you can always help out with the cooking to make meals more interesting. If you have a vegan diet then you may want to go shopping at the local market to supplement our normal supply of fruit and salad ingredients should you feel you need to.


Why is the farm called Happy House Farm?

The name was chosen to remind us all that life is too short not to be happy. Of course we may get upset in life, but the trick is how FAST can we get back into focus and be happy again! We recognise that happiness is a dynamic choice that is made each and every moment of each day. We are blessed to be surrounded by amazing local people that are predominantly happy despite their difficult living situations. They act as a strong reminder to us to always focus on being grateful for all we have.

Is the farm religious based?

The Happy House Farm follows no religion or structured philosophy.

What is the Happy House Farm’s purpose?

The farm exists simply as a place where groups can come and enjoy nature and rediscover how to live life simply again.

While we are focused on simple living, we do not focus on isolating ourselves from the rest of the world.

Instead our focus is to learn new inner ways to create simplicity on the inside so that no matter where we live we can be at peace and find joy and love life with all it’s diversity.

The Happy House Farm is first and foremost an education centre. The organic farm management is it’s secondary function. We are not running the farm commercially so most of what we produce is consumed by ourselves and our group guests – yummy!

Who created the Happy House Farm?

Carol Javier created the farm in September 2011. Carol is a Filipino being born just 20 km from the farm in the town of Sison. Carol spent 1/2 of her life living in Singapore and returned to live in the Philippines in 2010.

Is the farm a certified organic farm?

The Happy House Farm is not currently a certified organic farm. Because we are not running the farm commercially we probably will not become certified. It was last farmed semi-commercially for rice, peanuts, sweet potato and tapioca in 2013 before we purchased the land. However the previous owners were subsistence farmers and used low levels of inorganic fertilisers and no pesticides. The soil however has been drained by soil erosion so our primary focus is soil reconstruction and soil erosion management. We are doing this through worm farming and tree and bamboo planting.

How big is the farm?

Currently, the farm is nearly about 1.5 hectares which is 15,000 m2. Around half of the farm is under trees – planted plus native with the other half being vegetable area and rice paddy fields. It is planned to grow the farm to around 3 hectares as the adjoining land comes available for sale.