Create The Life You Want

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1:1 Life and/or Business Coaching With David

Day by day option or weekly option

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Every day you wake up in the morning.
You do your thing and run about your day.
But! And there is always a but.
You always want more.

More freedom.
More money.
More love.
More excitement.
More opportunity.
More …

Wanting more is a natural feeling.
So what stops you having more?

You can always have more.

But what really stops you?

As you look deep inside you may find
that only YOU stops you having more.

Maybe you don’t know how to create more.
Maybe you don’t really know what you want.
Maybe you feel confused about life.
Maybe you were never taught simple creation skills.

Maybe it’s time to learn more about creating the life YOU want.

Enjoy learning with David over a number of days and learn more about how to :

Be more.
Do more.
Enjoy more.
Create more.

[/av_textblock] [/av_one_third] [av_one_third] [av_textblock size=’12’ font_color=” color=”] David offers a unique approach to life and living. His leading-edge focus allows for the creation of a unique life experience – one which is strongly connected to both physical and spiritual domains.

David’s own life is a snap-shot glimpse into how we can successfully live an empowering life, while maintaining strong footings in both physical and spiritual camps. He’s an ardent believer that our lives should be an unique reflection of our true individualistic inner nature, and not just a water-wash of other peoples ideas about how we should live our lives.

In his ardent inner search for creating perfect life balance, in the last 30 years David has discovered key principles, or ‘powers’ as he calls them, that allow us all to create and live a totally empowering and fulfilling life, while experiencing all that we desire.

As a result of this journey, his two books: Happy Channel and The Power Of 8, share not only some of his personal life journey, but also his powerful tenets for successful living and are a great starting point to what David can share with you.

For just over 18 years David chose the path of business as a testing vehicle for his ideas and values. During that period, while creating and co-creating 9 businesses from nothing, in 5 different industries in 5 different countries, both his life and ideas were put through the ‘test of fire’.

Today David can support you to quickly create the life you desire using his refined knowledge of life and wisdom gained, while combining these with his innate highly-refined intuitive capacity and unique sense of humour and playful personality.
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How To Play
The way you can work with David right now is via a 1:1 personal experience at the Happy House organic farm.

Guest space is limited to ensure maximum value for all guests. Min stay 7 nights. Alternatively you can stay at a local resort.

How To Pay
David is available 365 days a year and his rates are more than reasonable.

  • Per day rate is 2000 pesos per day – around 50 USD + 500 pesos / night +
  • Per week rate – 7 nights – is 5000 pesos – around 120 USD + 500 pesos / night+

+ Covers std. farm stay for food and accommodation per night. 

Next Steps

The next step is to contact us to check out availability dates.

Just email us [david] at [happy house farm] . com

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