Contributing Guest

working on paths at local school

[ If you are a local or overseas person and want to stay
with us on a casual basis and help on the farm
visit our organic farm stay page ]

A special category of guests that we welcome at the Happy House Farm are contributing guests. These are guests that are participating in one of our local community Philippine education volunteer projects. Our contributing guests get to stay with us at the Happy House Farm in a cosy and community focused setting, having all meals and facilities provided, and then contribute with their time, energy and cash contributions to one or more of the local education school projects that inspire them. This is a hands on education volunteer contribution opportunity allowing our guests to not only contribute financially but to also participate fully in which ever way they wish with their chosen project. Choose what inspires you from a wide range of important projects be it improve the school facilities, add new equipment like commuters and fans, help with school supplies or physically teach in the classrooms. We manage all the project details and support our guests to create the project in the simplest, quickest and most fun way, while ensuring things are created in the best and most economical way. This leaves our guests to just do the work they want to do and enjoy the project creation. See all the current Philippines education volunteer projects now.