inner strength

Your greatest perceived weakness will become your greatest strength once you learn to look in a different place and in a different way.

What we see is what we get – literally – when it comes to our self-judgements. How we see ourselves creates the crucible that our lives are moulded from.

The true role of any teacher is to simply show their students what is already there. A true teacher knows that they have nothing to teach but instead their focus is on simply reminding others.

Our greatest strengths will remain buried and out of sight until we choose to see them for ourselves, and then, and only then, will the world see them also. Those looking to be recognised for their talents will go unrewarded in their search until they choose to see their talents within themselves.

Did you know that a butterfly cannot see it’s own wings? It’s own divine beauty is hidden in plain sight. And if that very same butterfly chose to feel sorry for itself and curl up in a ball of self-misery because the world does not see it’s beauty, then the world will ONLY see the self-pity and walk on by. But when the butterfly just displays it’s magnificence in plain site and chooses to feel good about itself, then the world will notice it in its totality and stand in awe and watch.

I always remember the look on Paul Pots face when he sung Nessun Dorma on Britains Got Talent back in 2007. You can see the look at 48 seconds into the video. If you look at him you can see he is seeing something different – and then he began to sing – and from there the tears flowed for many that heard him on that fateful day that changed his life. He moved me to my core and touched me so deeply as he sung his heart-song. This is the power of seeing. And for Paul all his life he had probably seen his weaknesses like the size of his body – but without a body of that size he cannot create the inner sound resonances needed to sing such a song to perfection.

So the next time you perceive a weakness inside of you, remember that all parts of you bind together to create a unique strength that is you and only you. Every part of you is important – so just choose to look for the magic inside of yourself instead of seeing things as a weakness to be corrected. Then you too will sing your own heart song in your own and unique way.