energy flow

The reality framework that we choose to use creates our reality as mentioned in part 2 and parts 3 of this series.

It is wise to do a constant review of this ‘framework’ and use our own feelings to decide if components of our beliefs and thinking still feel good. Often we continue behaviours based on our reality framework that do not feel good but we do not take the time to reassess them but instead continue on auto-pilot.

A splendid by-product of reviewing our beliefs that create our reality framework, is that it can give rise to unique thinking. Anyone who has ever made a deep impact on this world has gone through this process. As we connect and act more and more to the core of who we are, we start to become a unique reflection of life and living.

Right now in the USA the game running is talking place for the presidency. It is fascinating to watch all these leaders putting each other down and yet the #1 principle in business manager as a leader is NEVER put others down, never try to make them small but instead try to find ways to elevate everyone. And yet each and everyone of the so called leaders are disconnected from this opportunity. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi stood out because they connected to and followed their own feelings and did not get swayed by the emotions of others. The path that The Mahatma took though was not for low level leaders that you usually find in politics these days because he followed his path of inner truth based on his own feelings and his deepest desire to create a united and independent India. He was powerful because he had a clear vision and then followed his feelings incessantly. The outcome of the Mahatma’s work is still serving this world today with India being the largest democracy on the planet.

When we follow our feelings we are taping into the world that underpins the one we think we live in. We usually think we live in a physical world but the reality is that we live in an energy-based world. And this is the reason why some people have more power in the world because they know this to be true, and they know the rules of the energy-based world and thus can create amazing things.

energy flowOur feelings allow us to navigate in an energy-based world. They interpret the vast energy flows that make up all of life and based on our own desires and clear goals – they guide us to the best outcome of that desire. Nothing else can do this in such an easy, simple and creative way. Certainly logic and deduction and good management practices will not take us there at the same speed.


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