Emotional energy waves

Now that we have put into place some of the key elements of understanding specifically :

Everything is energy

Our emotions are a unique energy-based guidance system

What you see is what you get

If we understand the energy game we understand life itself


We can move forward with this basic understanding to start testing and measuring, and enjoying the intricate ‘tool’ that we have built inside of us and allow it to guide us through the course of our lives.

Getting Into Gear

As you gain a greater appreciation of your emotional guidance system you will want to experiment with it. But just like a car has gears and it uses them to accelerate, so too will you need to go through your own gears one by one.

Here are the ‘gear’ steps to follow :

Start listening to your feelings:

When you first listen to classical music most of the depth and detail cannot be heard because your ears are not trained to listen in the right way. The same will happen when you start working with your feelings and using them as a guidance system – you will not notice a lot of the subtlety in energy feeling.

As you listen and practice more you will naturally start to hear all the different ‘tones’ and nuances. Take time each and every day to listen to your feelings and observe what is going on inside of you – specifically inside your main body and NOT in your head area.

Start noticing in which part of your body your feelings seem to resonate or ‘reside’:

As you become more sensitive to your own feelings you will start to realise that the feelings locate themselves in specific areas of your body – in your main torso. You will NEVER get feelings resonating in your head area NEVER.

You will probably notice that your good feelings usually sit in the central area of your torso between 100mm (3 inches) below you diaphragm up to your heart area. When you get feelings in your lower abdomen (below your belly button) they are not good feelings. The lower area of your abdomen is the area where low frequency energy feelings resonate. When you feel not to take a specific action the ‘no’ feeling will normally resonate below your belly button. Fear resonates in the area around 10cm below your belly button.

It’s an important step to notice WHERE the feeling is resonating inside of you and what the feeling is and if it feels good, indifferent or bad.

Start noticing your feelings when you hold action steps in your mind:

Once you have a better appreciation for your feelings you can start to test them out to guide your actions. To do this simply hold an idea in your mind and then observe the feeling in your body as you do this. The first few times you do this it may feel strange, but do persist. If you do not get a clear feeling when you try this the first time try a couple of more times then stop – never turn this exercise into a stressful one – it will override your ability to read your feelings by confusing them with strong emotions such as frustration, upset or disappointment.

Simply HAVE FUN and enjoy your learning process. Try and try again – you have your whole life to get things right!

Here is the key to using your feelings:

If it feels good do it – it not do not. If you feel nothing ie it does not feel good or bad – then either wait or complete the action and monitor the outcome.

No feelings or null feelings usually mean that it does not really matter one way or the other if you complete the action or not OR that the timing is not quite right. But when you feel bad – unless you want to test the outcome – then do not take the action.

The other week I wanted to buy a new computer from the nearby City of Baguio here in the Philippines. It was the day after a big typhoon had hit the area so I used my feelings to tell me if I should go or not. I got a clear feeling that it was not the best to go. Rationally – using my head – I ‘knew’ that the place I wanted to buy the computer from had backup generators and was open 365 days of the year and was never affected by storms. I went on the trip anyhow just to see what would happen and we did not have power on our farm so I could do nothing at home anyhow. The end result of my days effort was zero!

When I got to Baguio (a 2 hour trip) large parts of the city were still without power and SM Mall had been hit by 150km hour winds wiping out the canvass top floor roof so 95% of the shops in the mall  were closed! My feelings ‘knew’ that I would not achieve my goal – they gave me clear information – they did not feel good.

Our feelings are connected to the total reality of experience so they can give us information in the form of feelings that are beyond our rational mind’s ability.

Eradicate fear from your life:

One of your greatest challenges when you are working with you feelings is being able to discern fear. Fear always feels bad! But the bad feeling we have created by the fear can mask our true feelings underneath the fear. So there is some sense in the saying, “feel the fear and do it anyway”. But better still using our feelings to determine our actions will create far better outcomes.

If you notice fear coming up when you consider an action option, before you can accurately use your feelings to make a decision, you first have to let go of the fear. This can be challenging to do until you learn how to stop creating fear in your life. It is possible to live life without the feeling of fear and to manage your experience of this energy. Maybe I will write about this process another time.

Wash and rinse: 

Keep repeating the above steps – testing and measuring and observing your feeling more and more as you go on your life journey. The discovery process never stops as you gain greater and greater control and management with your feelings.

With constant practice over a period of four or five years you will be able to integrate your mind and feelings into an integrated whole allowing your to make VERY ACCURATE decisions in milliseconds. This ability will allow you to follow the natural energy flow and be able to create what you want, when you want it, in the easiest fastest and most fun way with ease and flow. Some call this a magical life!

If you would like to read more about some of my personal life experiences that have allowed me to use my feelings to create and co-create some amazing experiences and some amazing projects like this one b1g1.com then read my books available as ebooks on Amazon: David Anttony Amazon or come and visit us and hang out at the Happy House Farm – our special piece of paradise here in the Philippines.

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