Watch the video for a real and very practical demonstration of the power of using feelings to master your physical “reality”

Sometimes we have to see with our own eyes before our eyes start to open WIDER 😉

What we may consider as impossible can be possible. People who do so called ‘impossible’ things do so because they use a different reality framework than the rest of us. In very simple terms they are simply seeing things differently or looking in a different place while using their feelings to guide them and not their ‘head’.

What you see is what you get

When we understand that the world we live in is energy-based and not physical-based, then our experiences lift to a new level along with our abilities. Each of us has innate skills that get activated once we start living in a more connected and energy-based world. These skills may seem out-of-this-world but they are simple reflections of working with a different ‘reality’ framework. There is no fixed reality – just the reality we choose.

So in life what we see is what we get – literally. If you cannot see it it does not exist (for you at least!).  So the next time you hear of something amazing you at least now know to some degree how it’s possible.

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