waves flow

The foundation stones that we use to ‘hang’ our sense of reality off are key to the type of life experiences we will create for ourselves.

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Our beliefs create a massive impact on our lives. They are our default thinking. They are the corner-stones of the life experiences that we will encounter and how we interpret the world that we live in. So depending what our core belief are, every experience we encounter will interact with these beliefs inside our psyche and create an outcome or a response from us. Our responses then create other responses in other people and off the energy flows.

Our beliefs become the framework that we live our lives by and how we choose to interact with the world and other people. Similar to computer programming, where other developers have pre-coded a framework of code organised into easily used libraries, we ourselves ‘run’ other people’s ‘code’ when we execute behavior based on other people’s ideas and beliefs. And while this can make our life simple and easier to live, it’s important to understand that the average person only has about 1 to 2 percent original thinking – or original ‘code’ that they have created themselves.

With the passing of time most people develop themselves into being more unique and individual – it’s a wonderful by-product of aging, and with this often comes spiritual ‘break-throughs’ – as in the creation of a closer connection to our innate spiritual nature. If we work closely with our feelings, this process of ‘breaking-through’ is a lot faster and can occur much earlier in life, giving us a deeper well-spring of energy, personal power, wisdom and gusto to live life with.

Why our emotions should ‘rule the waves’ : I am using the analogy with water to describe our emotional energy because it’s a close symbolic reflection in so many ways of how our emotional energy works.

You may have noticed also I have jumped to talking about energy.

In life there is only energy.
Everything is energy.
If we understand the energy game we understand life itself.

As I mentioned in part 1 : Our emotions are a guidance system. Specifically they are an energy guidance system. When we know how to read our feelings accurately we are in fact accurately reading energy flow. Energy flow is like water flow it has current’s – fast flow – slow flow – back flow etc. This is why we can often feel confused by our emotions because we do not know how to manage our energy, or the energy of others, with the resulting affect of feeling confused with all the energy in motion – “e-motion”.

As we gain in life experience we naturally gain increased skills at dealing with our own and others energy allowing us to be more effective in our lives. We do not need to wait till we are in our fifties though to gain a greater command over life if instead we learn a new set of fundamentals and look at changing our default beliefs.

If for example your current beliefs tell you that the world is ‘solid’ and that energy flow and other such concepts are banana-bent-mumbo-jumbo, then you will have to live a different life experience than what you could live. Your focus point is not wrong – it cannot be wrong because you choose to hold it; and if I were silly enough to try to take that away from you, I would be wrong in doing that. All I can do is reflect a different set of possibilities. There is no right and no wrong – just choices to be made. For me though it’s been important in my life so far to look at all my default beliefs and see what are truly reflective of who I am and who I choose to be and what I want to experience. And in that process I have refined my sense of self and as a result my personal power has increased exponentially along with my abilities to create whatever I desire with ease.

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