With our emotions often sky-rocketing us into a spiraling slime-ball mess it’s easy to think that they are more crippling to us than being one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to live the life we want.

Our emotions are something very unique and specific – they are in fact a guidance system and not just a blotch-together of randomness – they have a purpose and can be used in very powerful and specific ways.

In order to harness the power from our emotional guidance system we need to go back to fundamentals. If we do not have the fundamentals in place then we can not go to step 2 and beyond. Instead we will spiral relentlessly in the soup of our own self-created chaos.

So step 1 is simple : Be open to the knowledge that our emotions are an inner guidance system that can allow us to easily navigate our lives in the direction we wish to take. Once we are open to this possibility we can start to experiment and gain an inner personal experience of this fact from real personal experiences. From there we can develop our abilities even more.

Once we have gained greater mastery over our feelings we can start using them to answer questions we need answers to. We can start using out feelings to make decisions VERY fast allowing us to be very effective in everyday practical living.

One superb ‘side-effect’ of gaining greater mastery over our feelings is that we become happier and deeply contented; we truly start living in a perpetual state of joy.

Watch out for part 2 on this topic in the weeks to come.

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