With the recent events in Paris it may be hard to know what to do about chaos.

Here is my answer : be present to it but do not let it be a part of you.

There will ALWAYS be chaos – there will always be things we do not like – and always things that churn our stomachs …. and YET – life always moves forward. But how we personally choose to move forwards affects our future.

When we experience something we do not want it’s easy to see how reacting to it and ‘fighting’ against is it the best answer – after all it makes us feel better in the moment – and YET … shortly afterwards (once we have gained more perspective) – we know fighting against something we do not want is futile – even if it feels good to do this in the moment.

The trick to dealing with chaos is to observe our own feelings when we are experiencing chaos and watch our selves as we spiral through a myriad of thoughts and deep feelings … and then finally, if we let go, we move to a new space; a space of power.

This is the space people like the Dalai Lama choose – ANYONE can choose that space. Choice is always a friend that we can keep at our side in all moments. 

So the trick is to feel – to observe our thoughts – then to CHOOSE what we want for the future. The present is here – but the future is OUR choice! And of course there is no right or wrong choice – just a consideration of HOW we want to FEEL in the future.