The Weeks Results


Start of a great week.¬†We had a great week digging out the compost then the ground soil from the Little Happy House new guest room. I started on my own and then decided I wanted to have more fun and get some help.So I asked ‘super man’ Walter, our next door neighbour if he wanted some work. He was keen so he helped me. Then Dag came – a WWOOF work exchange guest so things really jumped ahead fast.

The first task was to dig out all the existing compost and move it to a big pile in the adjoining rice paddy field. The next step was to level the ground. It took four of us a day. We were blessed to be able to use the soil to level the ground near the outside washing area – we lifted the level by a metre!

‘Super man’s papa’ joined on day 2 because we needed an extra set of hands to move soil. By day 3 all was finished and the ground level. Next step digging the wall footings and the corner post footings – next weeks work!

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Start Of Week Happy House Farm guest accom

Start Of Week
Big job ahead

On my own digging

Starting on my own


Digging Compost
Still smiling


Some work done

Help Arrive for building

Help Arrives. Yahoo! Superman!

Building guest room Little Happy House

More help… Dag – power wheelbarrower


Dag very happy


Superman’s papa arrives


Almost finished! Ground level and all dug out


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