Team Building Venue 2019 – Team Building Activities

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Team Building Venues 2019 In Philippines – Activity Ideas For Your Group

When you are searching for the best team building venue 2019, team building activities follow. As the organizer, you would want to know if you can make the team building activities possible in the chosen venue. That’s why we compiled the best team building activities you can do at Happy House Organic Farm.

We understand that aside from having fun and relaxation, you also want to make the activities fruitful. Lasting impacts that can benefit not just the team, but also your company or organization.

Boost your team’s creativity, coordination, and morale. Let’s get started…

9 Team Building Activities To Try in 2019

1. Unity Walk
2. Leaky Pipe
3. Pipeline
4. Crocodile River
5. Color Ball
6. Tangram
7. Egg Drop
8. Wall Climbing
9. Pathway

#1 Unity Walk

Things You Need:
A. Carton or Wooden Planks (about 5 ft long)
B. Garter
C. Assigned marker (Flag, Rope, or Tape Marker)

One of the most popular team building activities that highly requires coordination and effective communication skills.

This starts off by making the participants step on top of the wooden planks and strapping the garter to keep their feet in place. Their goal is to be the first team to reach the assigned marker.

And they can only do this when they have synchronization. They have to lift their feet all at the same time, at the same speed.

Failing to do this will keep them stuck in their place. The teams need to figure out how they can lift their feet in a uniform manner, faster than the opposite team.

#2 Leaky Pipe Team Building Activity

Things You Need:
A. PVC Pipes (1 for each team)
B. Water

Leaky Pipe is a team building activity that you can do in any team building venue in 2019. The goal of this game is to fill up the PVC Pipe with water. The first team to fill up wins.

Sounds easy?

Well, this only requires a PVC Pipe with random holes. That’s why it’s called “Leaky Pipe’. You might ask, “How many holes?”

It’s really up to you.

If you want it to be more challenging, just add more holes! So, the team needs to make sure they covered all the holes for them to fill up the pipe and win.

#3 Pipeline

Things You Need:
A. PVC Pipes (cut in halves)
B. Any round object (Pingpong balls, egg, or marbles)
C. Bucket (for each of the teams)

Using these halved PVC pipes, the goal of this activity is to transfer the round object to the bucket.

The team members need to connect all the halved PVC pipes where the round objects will roll. It needs to be properly connected so the ball won’t get stuck. The team who transported the most round objects into the bucket wins.

This team building activity requires coordination, planning, and communication from the team members.

#4 Crocodile River

Things You Need:
A. Bond Paper
B. Assigned marker (Flag, Rope, or Tape Marker)

Happy House Organic Farm is an ideal team building venue for the Crocodile River because we boast of our huge space, about 1.5 hectares.

This team building activity starts by assigning the bond paper to each of the teams. The number of bond paper should match the number of participants minus one.

Then, you will assign the starting point and the endpoint. The huge space in between is called the Crocodile River. They can cross the river if they use the bond paper, they step on it to reach the end safely.

To win this game, all the members of the team should be able to transfer to the endpoint. The space in between is full of hungry, ruthless crocodiles and if anyone from the team falls in the Crocodile River, the team automatically loses.

Team’s strategic planning and cooperation will be put to test!

#5 Color Ball

Things You Need:
A. Colorful Balls
B. Cloth or Tarpaulin with Holes (Holes big enough for the balls to pass through)

Each team should have at least 4 members. They need to hold the 4 corners of the cloth or tarpaulin, and the colorful balls are placed in the middle.

The goal is to make all the colorful balls fall through the holes.

The team members should plan carefully on how they should hold their corners in order to make all the balls fall. Of course, the first team to finish wins.

#6 Tangram

Things You Need:
A. 5 Triangles (2 Large, 1 Medium, and 2 Small sizes)
B. 1 Square
C. 1 Parallelogram

One of the most popular outdoor team building activities is Tangram. Lots of people claim that Chinese people invented it during the Song Dynasty. And later, Tangram was transported to Europe.

This game involves critical thinking and analysis of the team members as they create various shapes using the 7 shapes. Each of the pieces should not overlap.

#7 Egg Drop as a great team-building activity

Things You Need:
A. Straws
B. Cardboard
C. Scissors
D. Tape
E. Straw
F. Sticks
G. Egg
H. Paper Money

The goal of this game is to protect the egg.

First, you will distribute the paper money (with equal amount) to each team. Then they will have to shop for the materials that they will need to create their container.

Just make sure that you already assigned the price for each resource.

They only have 3 minutes to decide on which to shop. And another minute to let them do the actual shopping from you.

Only 1 member of each team can do the actual shopping. After that, they can no longer buy anything from you, the store closes.

Then, they have 10 minutes to plan, design, and create a container that can protect the egg.

Once the 10-minute timer stops, you will visit each team and drop their containers.

The team who successfully protected the egg wins.

#8 Wall Climbing

Aside from the endurance, wall climbing also improves rapport, trust, and confidence of each team member. Knowing that your team cheers for you makes the difference.

It makes you feel supported and celebrated.

#9 Create a Pathway

Things You Need:
A. Pathway Mold
B. Cement
C. Stones

In a team-building venue like Happy House Organic Farm, Create a Pathway is an exciting team building activity. Each team will be given their own space and materials, then they will design the most creative pathway that they can imagine.

Your team can unleash their inner creativity and teamwork. And as they explain the reason behind their design, you will get to know how your team members think. The team with the most creative design wins.

It will be a fun learning experience for the whole team and not only that the next time you return you can show your new teammates the path that you built last time!

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