Sweet Potato Philippines

The sweet potato is a very versitile and robust crop that will grow virtually at any time of the year as long as the soil is ploughed well enough.

We have 9 fields at Happy House Farm but most of them are under recovery by leaving them fallow seeing they have been intensively farmed year after year for decades. We decided to put our first crop into our top field that bounds the road.

Seeing we are going into the dry season we do not have a lot of choice with what to plant that will survive the intense dry that can last for 5 to 6 months. Camote or sweet potato was the best choice. We are in the shoulder season between the wet season and the dry season so it is the perfect time to plant seeing there is enough rain to sustain the early growth.

Considering we are learning as we go – we’re not farmers – we want to get each major project right as we go along. We also have a special vision for this farm so how we do things is very important. While we learn from the local farmers how to do things the traditional way in this geographic area, at the same time we want to THINK about how we can do it differently in order to be in alignment with our greater vision.

Traditional farming relies on ploughing and mono-culture. We want to get away from ploughing the fields if we can and move to no-dig farming and use eco-friends like worms to do the ‘digging’ for us.

Soil is a sensitive blend of minerals, insects, microorganisms, organic decaying materials, water and energy. When you plough you mix all this up because you drag the deep soil to the surface and bury the surface soil deep down. This may not seem like a bad thing but it destroys or breaks down the natural order that would exist in the soil if it was not ploughed.

Soil energy is one of the important hidden components of soil. If you have come across Dr Emoto’s work with water crystals you will understand a little more of what I mean. Soil energy is the hidden component in ensuring the balance of microorganisms and insects.¬† Just as our body energy determines the microorganism activity inside our bodies, soil energy does the same for the earth soil. If the energy is in balance, then the soil will not harbor the wrong type of bacteria and pathogens which could otherwise cause disease problems in the plants.

One of the hidden and magical ways to change or enhance soil energy is to use ‘programmed’ water. Again if you study Dr Emoto’s work you will learn how the power of intention can change the physical energy structure of water. Well before Dr Emoto (around 35 years ago), a man called Jose Silva taught people how to program water. Dr Emoto’s work was a major breakthrough though because it allowed us all to see the energy results in photographic form by photographing the ice crystals when freezing the water.

Here is a video to show what I mean:

One of the intentions we hold for the Happy House Farm is for it to be a place of natural transformation. When people come here we want them to just feel GREAT. For this to happen we need to work at the subtle energetic level of the space we are custodians for. So in many ways the land will become the ‘teacher’ because it will assist our visitors energy to realign to a place of natural balance and harmony without them having to do too much to assist this process.

Here at the Happy House Farm we work on all levels. We are very physical, digging, planting, havesting and at the same time we are aware that we are living in an energy world and in doing so we can create SO much more and enjoy life so much more because our awareness is continuously  heightened and expanding.