By David Anttony
gearsFrom an idea an empire can be built

From something as small as a thought a vast empire can be built; be it a business empire, a global empire or a galactic one!

Only those who keep vision and passion as their close friends and companions in life, understand the intrinsic connection between thought, creation, joy, flow and results.

Sometimes life seems as though it is so mechanical and predictable and at others it seems random and disconnected. Little do we often realise that this contradictory experience is part of our own creation!

We peeked recently at a different framework or platform for living. We learned that “behind the structure is something hidden”, lets talk more about this today.

We are the creators of our own reality

You have probably heard this statement so many times but what is your personal standpoint with this concept and framework? Do you think it is true – do you think it is a lot of rubbish or do you know it is true from your own past life experience?

Your beliefs should support you to experience the life you desire. If they create resistance to your intrinsic desire then maybe it would be a good time to consider changing your beliefs.

So often we feel our beliefs are made from steel and concrete and that they cannot be changed. After all, most of our beliefs came from our parents so they must be good – yes? Well maybe no!

Read the chicken leg story in the gratitude post and you will realise that most people never question their beliefs or knowledge. Most people accept what they have been told and never question anything! This is why it took many years to convince the world at large many years ago that the world was round and not flat! And yet even today there is a group of people that hold the belief that the Earth is flat:

The most recent world model propagated by the Flat Earth Society holds that humanity lives on a disc, with the North Pole at its center and a 150-foot (45 m) high wall of ice at the outer edge. The resulting map resembles the symbol of the United Nations, which Johnson used as evidence for his position. In this model, the sun and moon are each 32 miles (52 km) in diameter. [Wikipedia]

small becomes big

Who is right? Maybe the better question is not who is right, but instead – do the beliefs we hold serve us to experience more of the life we desire? After all, experiences are what we truly desire. Our beliefs just make it easier or harder for us to experience what we desire in life. I for one focus on making life easier and not harder. I constantly question my beliefs and make sure that they serve me to have more fun and create a more joyful life for myself and all I meet.