Rain! Rain! We Love You!

By David Anttony

Rain!If you live where there is more than enough rain you probably will never dance in the rain!

At the Happy House Farm though – we do dance in the rain – or at least I do!

We have not had rain since mid November – over five long months. And three days ago the ‘rainy season’ started – out of nowhere.

The rains normally start in May but thankfully they are early (we did make a big request in this department!).

Here is what it looked like a week ago: ( by the way it’s not a desert here! – just looks that way!)

outside road

In the photo above you can see the dark sky over the hills. Everyone around us got rain three weeks ago, but because if our unique location, storms bypass us regularly. We are sandwiched between high hills in the East and the sea. The sea winds are usually moving inland in the afternoon when the rains come pushing the rains from the East away 🙁

But now we have rain! yahoo!

You can surely feel my deep gratitude and excitement for the rain. What if we all felt this way about all the things we enjoy in life? Can you imagine the blessings you would feel if you were so happy about simple things like rain?

I spent all morning preparing one of our top fields for beans today. By 9am I was exhausted and fell asleep for 2 hours after spending from 7am clearing weeds and grass from our top field. It was new moon 3 days ago so now is the perfect time to plant and I did not want to miss the opportunity. By 3pm I was back in the field – armed with a big bowl of soaked red beans. Dig! Dig! Dig! I plated the whole kilo of red beans and had to plant some Mung beans as well seeing I ran out!

We are planting beans as a cover crop for our organic Basmati rice crop to be planted in early July. We have to be very tight with time at this time of the year. To prepare and plant a whole fields like I did today took 6 hours all on my own. If we miss the timing we may have a failed crop because there is not enough water at the end of the growing cycle.

I am sure you have heard many times the phrase, “failed crop”, and yet if you are a farmer can you imagine the disappointment because of all the hard labour and expense that has been expended without a harvest? The next time you eat remember someone special has grown that food for you!¬† 🙂

So life goes on. Next week we have some helpers on the way so my workload can be shared. In the mean time my muscles grow stronger – anybody for an arm wrestle – come and see how powerful a non meat eating farmer is! He He.


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