Putting In The Herb Garden Bed

Herb garden creation

It was transformation time this morning. We have had a dry dusty patch of bare soil sitting next to the Little Happy House entrance for way too long. We had two beautiful ornamental trees that we were gifted in Baguio as house plants. They had grown exponentially since being transferred to the Happy House Farm from cool Baguio. Today was time to plant the trees into good well composted soil.

Tonight we will transfer all the herbs growing in pots next to the Little Happy House into their new bed – they will be dancing with joy tonight!

Herb garden creationHerb garden creation Herb garden creation





Madeline our work exchange guest from the USA is helping with the heavy rocks and laying the soil. Kyra came to inspect the final work as we finished off just before lunch. The next part of this project is to extent the concrete path at the side of the Little Happy House. We will do this in April before the rainy season starts.

Herb garden creation

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