Did you know there is a flow cycle?

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Did you know that if you waited just a single day your results could be 200% better and your workload 80% less and your energy 180% higher?

With results like these who would not want them! Most people wake up and just get the jobs done that they feel they have to do that day. But what if you were flowing in the natural cycles?

Did you know for example that from the very same piece of bamboo if you wait a few days you can make it 200% stronger and unpalatable for borer? Everything has a flow and a right time.

I am talking about the moon cycles. As a farmer if you do not know the moon cycles then I would suggest it’s time to learn them!

However, I have noticed all the ‘good’ farmers in our area follow the moon cycles to a ‘T’ without knowing anything about them. They are simply ‘in the flow’. The flow they are following and do not consciously know about is it the moon-cycle flow.

The moon affects water flow. This is scientific clear fact. Full moon gives high tide – New Moon gives low tide – very simple fact.

What is also a fact but not commonly know is the flow of water in plants and in humans – yes in humans – is influenced by the moon. In fact the moon affects water flow in ALL living organisms.

With a plant when the moon is waxing – moving from New to Full it is ‘gaining’ strength and making water rise up the STEMS of a plant. So the water (and energy) is rising. When the moon is waning – moving from Full to New – or declining – the water movement is DOWN the stems and into the ROOTS.

The natural water – and energy cycle that affects plants affects us also. Our personal energy rises from new moon to full and wanes after that till the next new moon. If you are an event organiser switch your events to ONLY run from 7 days before the FULL moon to 1 day before the full moon and see the difference in turnout results. You will be amazed!

So knowing a little about this NATURAL flow – we can actually plan around the moon cycles as a farmer or gardener. Just try it for yourself and you will be amazed and if you are a ‘natural’ farmer you would have been following the moon all along.

The moon cycles can be split into 2 halves and 4 quarters,

The two halves are :

Waxing moon 
New Moon to Full Moon
waxing-moon cycle for farming





Waning moon 
Full Moon to New Moon
waining-moon farming cycle





The 4 quarters are :





When you are working with the moon cycles you will do things like :

  • Planting of crops that fruit above the ground from New Moon to Full moon eg Corn, Rice, Pumpkins
  • Planting of crops that fruit below the ground from Full Moon to New moon eg Onions, Beetroot, Carrots
  • Cutting wood, grass etc and cleaning up the farm from Full moon to New Moon
  • Building from full moon to New Moon
  • Planing activities and projects in the Waning moon cycle and usually implementing them in the Waxing moon cycle
  • Transplanting in the Waning moon when the energy is going in to the roots
  • Cutting bamboo 1 day before New Moon at the very end of the day when the sap is the lowest in the plant so it is the strongest and has less sugar so borer is not interested in it

Enjoy playing around with the moon cycles. There is more to learn such as the sign of the moon eg Taurus or Virgo does make an impact as well for example the best times I have found to plant a field crop is on a Waxing moon in Pisces or Cancer (water signs). And the best time to prune trees I have found is a Waning Fire sign moon like in Aries — gives me a lot of personal energy to do the cutting work and the trees suffer little seeing the energy is going into the roots.

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