(2015) Our latest video (updated 2019) – trip through our village

journey to school from Organic farm with volunteers









Take a look at our beautiful village on a tricycle journey with two overseas guests from the Happy House Farm to the Gumot school that we are sponsoring to empower the Gumot children with various projects that you can get involved with. 

We are so blessed living in such a special and scenic place that is part of another world.

2019 – Note

WOW looking back on this old video from 4 years ago so touching. It’s amazing how far we have come in such a short time. When we first opened the Happy House Organic farm we mainly hosted WWOOF guests who helped on the farm. These days we focus 100% of eco groups who can enjoy our special venue built by all our past WWOOF guests.

Anyhow watch and enjoy – a blast from our past.


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