Marius – Poland – April 2014

Marius PolandMarius joined us in early April 2014 for a week. A maths teacher from London but originally he was born in Poland. He had an inspiring life story that was driven by his passion to do more with his life. He gained a lot from being with us and he was fun to be with and always had something interesting to say.

Lovely and intelligent people! Beautiful family with a wonderful child. Cute organic garden where you can improve and polish your gardening/orchard skills. Here you can express your creativity in the construction and maintenance of facilities. The workday is flexible, you can organize your time as you wish. There is also an opportunity to go to the beach and do some fishing if that what you desire. I truly enjoyed our conversations about energy and life in general. I won‚Äôt forget the delicious taste of the morning fruit smoothies, vegie burgers and bean spread. Wonderful place in any way. In case you want to improve your health mentally and physically, or enjoy the peaceful surroundings, communicate and learn from interesting and knowledgeable people… This is a perfect place to be. I am very grateful that I was able to be a part of the happy house farm. David and Carol and Kyra all the best to your family!

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