loSometimes we have to look in a different place for the gifts of life … “Loss” always brings us closer to life when we let go and accept what we have had in the past and what we can create in the future, despite maybe a loss today.

This is a beautiful story about flight MH370:

Associated Press have been digging into the backgrounds of some of the passengers on board.

Here’s one example:

Quote In 2006, Chinese artist Liu Rusheng reflected on his life, concluding with gratitude that “fate has been very kind to me.”

As a baby born outside Nanjing in 1938, he was abandoned several times as his family fled invading Japanese troops. He later survived a truck collision, political persecution, three heart attacks and the vicious swirling currents of the Yangtze River.

“After these narrow escapes, I have come to cherish life more,” Liu said in a blog post that was written in connection with a showing of his work. “I have become more open-minded and more detached.”

Liu, who was traveling with his wife when the Malaysia Airlines plane vanished, was part of a delegation of Chinese artists and calligraphers returning home after an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. Nineteen artists, six family members and four staff were aboard the plane.
In his blog post, written when he was in his late 60s, Liu said he continued to find new passions as he aged.

“Even as I am approaching 70, I like new things,” he wrote. “In my spare time, I have learned how to drive, how to use a computer, and I study photography and production. My life is fulfilling and joyous. I love to sing and to run in the rain. My wife says I am an old child who loves singing, drinking and going barefoot.”