Image History updated

At Last!

We have just updated our image history page ( at last! ).

Agnes one of our guests from France took some great pics so do check them out: organic farm photos >  along with many other pics from the recent and far past. It’s always amazing for us to personally see how far the farm has developed with the support of all the great people who come and stay with us.

Moving Forward

Over the last 2 years we have been SO blessed to be able to continue our vision of creating this little bit of paradise here in the Philippines.

It’s amazing to think that only four years have passed since we took over a bare and naked farm sitting on a desolate hill top here in the village of Gumot in La Union. For 30 years it had been farmed conventionally. In a few short years we have transformed the soil and got things to grow well organically. And now with our massive focus on water using permaculture principles we are taking the farm to the next level so we can grow things all year and not just in a few short wet months.

Gumot is a snatched into a dry micro-climate because it’s sandwiched between the sea and a tall hill range. We get ‘jealous’ when it rains profusely on the other side of the hills just 2 km away and we receive nothing 🙁 … This has not deterred us though and as each year passes we move towards our goal of being able to store 1 million litres of water on our land.

Next year – 2016 – we will put in the fish pond adding around 120,000 L and in 2017 we will add more water tanks along with our planned ‘green’ swimming pool taking us up to the 1/2 million mark.

Our focus for water extends beyond our farm though. Each dry season it deeply touches me to see my neigbours struggling to carry water for basic needs. My greatest desire is to create a sustainable community water supply for this part of our village where it is the driest (no rain for 6 – 7 months of the year). This would support over 400 people. This, however, is a massive undertaking and it will require a dedicated project with solid finance to complete it. On top of this I want to be able to solve the water issue at the local school – they do have water but need funds to complete the water management and completion work along with water reduction projects such as the building of composting toilets. We are always on the lookout for people to help with these projects.

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