How To Make Chickens Lay Eggs In Nesting Box In Philippines

For the previous 12 months we have had a few chickens running around the Happy House Farm but they belonged to our neighbours.¬† So when we had a few more chickens running around recently I did not pay any attention to them. But when I returned from a trip to New Zealand I heard we had a chicken roosting and laying eggs at the building site shed. Not knowing anything about chickens I thought it was pretty cool that our neighbour’s chickens were laying eggs for us. Yippee I thought – more scrambled eggs!

Silly me – the chickens were roosting in our shed because they belonged to us! Without our knowledge Carol’s brother who was staying with us had brought some chickens onto the farm without telling us!¬† Initially he said there was just one, but over the last few weeks we seem to have three sleeping here!

We were not going to have any animals on the farm because of the extra work plus the ethics of raising animals to eat or sell them to be eaten. But chickens are pretty good! I personally feel OK eating the eggs – after all it’s a fair exchange – they eat our plants and bugs for free – while we eat the eggs! The challenge for us though is that we seem to have a cock on the farm as well – goodness knows why that is here – Carol’s brother’s not owning up to anything! So all the eggs are fertilised – so if we don’t eat them we end up with baby chicks – oops!

Last week one of the chickens who had taken over the building site shed trooped out with 10 proud little baby chicks following her. Now we have a chicken problem. We have found out that half of the chicks belong to the original chicken owner and half to us. Welcome to the Philippines – stories seem to unravel here stage by stage.

We will raise the chickens and from here on we will have to eat all the eggs unless we want more chickens. One of the other chickens is sitting on her eggs now which will hatch in a few days time. She has 6 eggs left (7 in my tummy!). So we will see how many will hatch and from here on will have to manage the little chickens well else we will have to get rid of the chickens to Carol’s family who will just eat them – not what we really want for sure.

Chicken Problems

Last week we had one of the brown chickens going crazy looking for a safe place to roost. It decided our house was the best place! It ran around the garden close to the Little Happy House for a few hours before deciding inside the house was better.

We kicked her out a few times but then after the sixth time and a broken glass vase and three cups from the shelf we assisted her to roost in our kitchen by creating a nice secure place beside the gas cylinder with some grass to lie on.

Watch the video to and have a laugh as we solved our chicken problem.

And here is the follow up video where we got her to lay in a new nesting box.