How To Grow A Pineapple From A Pineapple Top

pineapplesHow to grow a pineapple from a pineapple you have bought

Watch this short video from the Happy House farm and you will learn how to propagate a pineapple from an existing pineapple top.

We so often think things are complicated but it is so easy to create a new pineapple.

Here is the simple process:

  • Select a healthy looking fruit that has a good top
  • Cut the top off leaving about 1 cm of fruit at the base
  • Place the flat cut pineapple base into damp soil
  • Press in firmly
  • Water lightly each day – avoid over-watering else it will rot
  • Place in a warm place for a week
  • After 4 days pull the pineapple off the soil and check it is not rotting – if rotting signs reduce the water amount
  • Depending on the temperature it can take 1 to 2 weeks to grow roots
  • Once reasonable root growth can be seen then put the pineapple top into a pot with good soil and maintain the daily watering for another week
  • After that water based on your temperature – daily if in a hot climate
  • Wait 8 months

Do note that pineapple plants are quite big – not tall but they have a very large leaf spread.

Watch this video to learn the best time to pick pineapples. It is picked unripe. Ripen the fruit after picking by leaving in a warm place. Learn from this wikihow posts how to tell when a pineapple is perfect to eat.

UPDATE: Oct 2016

What I forgot to mention is that doing it this way works but the growth is very slow. Plants can take over a year to fruit. The best way is to find someone who is growing pineapples and use the seedling shoots that come off the side of the growing pineapple and plant those. This is what commercial pineapple growers usually do to propagate pineapples. But non the less using the tops is a fun way for you to experience growing a pineapple from one you bought at the market.

Also – remember to plant in full sun. Or if you have planted in a pot make sure they have a nice and sunny spot else your pineapples will be sour! They need the sun to create the sugars properly.




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