Happy House Farm Guest & Workshop Space

At last as of last week, in time for Kyra’s 2nd birthday party, we have finally finished all the final touches to the Happy House – adding pictures, draping the walls, covering the cupboards and more. Take a peek of some of the photos of the breakout relaxation space along with dinning and kitchen area.

We will be ready soon to start a new mini-project right outside the Happy House to create the outside kitchen which includes a wood fire cooking area, benches and a sink area plus the construction of a cob wood-fired oven.

We’ve been collecting clay from our soil recover areas and from termite mounds for a month now so we have several sacks lined up. All we need is the right guests to turn up and have some fun with us and help us put everything together. We are so looking forward to the first Happy House Farm pizza – yah!

Happy House break out space with kitchen adn dinning area Happy House break out space Happy House break out space






























The guest sleeping space is in the room next door.


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