Guest Room On Its Way

Carol resting with Kyra We have had a busy pre and post Christmas creating the Little Happy House guest room. We are expecting our first batch of guests in late Jan when we run our first course: “Living In Nature“.

We have not been working too hard just constant working each day to create the foundation work ready to start building once we get building materials… want to help 🙂 ? …

Not only was Dag’s beard removed this week, we removed the old nipa roof, and removed most of one of the old walls and knocked out the new door way and dug out the new pathway down the side of the house.

Carol has been happy with all the soil being put near her washing area levelling the ground and extending the walking area so it’s nice and easy to walk around now.

Carol resting with Kyra while eating Guava

Carol resting with Kyra while eating Guava

Here’s Carol and Kyra resting near the new room looking nice and refreshed (no digging for these guys! 🙂 )







Picture log of work progress¬† …

Start Of Week Happy House Farm guest accom

Before we started

Removing Compost

Removing compost

Help arrives

Help Arrives

More help

More help

More help

And more help

almost done

Almost done

Building guest room Little Happy House

Dag showing muscles

Kyra on the run

Kyra on the run

Walls knocked out

Walls knocked out by Dag

Sorting hardcore

Dag Sorting hardcore

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