Great Day On Our Philippines Organic Farm

Chickens are hatching

Chickens are hatching

It was a great day on the Happy House Farm yesterday. Busy keeping the organic farm ticking over on my own right now.

We had our first chicken hatch in the compost area last night. We could hear it’s squeaks in the night when it was born. Mother is super protective now – so lovely to see.

We have just decommissioned our original experimental worm bed, moved the worms to the new field bed and put all the organic compost and worm castings on the new vegi patch on the paddy field next to the Little Happy House.

We are approaching the dry season fast so we cannot develop the rest of the farm right now and need to concentrate on what we can manage close to the Little Happy House. Soon we wlll be watering by hand … time to build my muscles more on my left side of my body and balance me out a bit better! My right side is super developed now after three months of heavy building and gardening – time to use my left side more so I don’t look like an alien!

All the worms form the old worm bed were moved to the new bed Ken Kai and I created 2 weeks ago. I did some rummaging around in the soil next to the first worm bin that is fully buried in well rotten cow poo and it was SO full of worms. All the large worms have migrated from the container bin to the soil and they are loving it. I was a bit concerned that the worm bin I created to breed the worms in was not suitable for the worms and they fled so I pulled it out and emptied it so check!

The bin was teeming with worms all tucking into the cardboard bedding material and the vegetable peelings. Phew – I was so relieved.

So try and contain the worms for breeding purposes until the worm population in the bed grows I have created 6 small worm pots from old large clay pots that we are not using. I am hoping they will act as breeding containers increasing the breeding speed. After all if the worms are closer together they will breed more!

Worm Farm Philippines worm bed
Old Worm Bed Decommissioned
Philippines worm farm organic worms

Worms recovered and moved

Chickens are hatching

Chickens are hatching







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