gratitudeIf you have ever listened to very successful people share their life experiences who has previously experienced a lot of hardship, challenges or loss, you will often hear a consistency of words. The message that is often shared is:

I am so grateful.

¬† No doubt you have been encouraged as a child or a young adult by your parents and supporters to be more grateful. Like you I had so often received these wise words in the past from my elders and caregivers, but I never took them to heart. Until ‚Ķ Until I had experienced loss, suffering and hardship! Now I share the gift of gratitude with you today and maybe, just maybe you will hear these words and create a habit of gratitude in your life. By habit I mean to practice the art of gratitude daily. And to also practice the gratitude habit when you have what you want, and also when you don’t! gratitude unlocksI have both gained a lot is life and ‘lost’ a lot too. I put lost in quotes to emphasise¬†the fact that while in the past I lost something physical, at the same time I gained something far greater in its place – so in one sense there was no loss. What I gained was of far greater value than what was lost. I have lost¬†wives, businesses, lots of money, many friends and a child. And in each case the gifts returned to me added to my life experience, knowledge and wisdom immensely – once I exchanged my lost¬†for gratitude. Then and only then could I see the gift behind the lost.

How do you practice the art of gratitude?

Before answering this question I think the WHY question is much more important to ask and answer. Without knowing truly WHY fostering a habit of gratitude is important in creating a better and richer life – rich in financial and non-financial wealth – then the habit will not be as easy to germinate within your daily routine. Have you ever heard the story about the roast chicken? The story goes something like this:

¬†A young couple cooked a large chicken for Christmas dinner each year. And each year the wife cut off the legs of the chicken and placed them at the side in the baking tray. After a few years doing this the husband curiously asked why she did this. Her reply was that her mother had done the same and she had never asked her. That year the mother was coming for Christmas dinner so the wife and husband asked her why she removed the legs. To the surprise of the daughter and son in law, she did not know why either! Her mother had done the same and she had never asked why. Everyone at this point became very curious. The young wives grandmother lived close by in a rest home and they were due to visit her on Boxing Day. The next day the young couple and the mother went to visit the old grandmother. After sharing the Christmas treats with her, the young wife asked her grandmother about the chicken legs. “Why my wee dear”, the grandmother said in her clear Scottish accent, “the chickens were always so big they would not fit into our oven, so that’s why we took the legs off.”

This is a funny story, and true or not, it exemplifies how ‘silly’ we are sometimes by not asking or knowing WHY we do something. When we simply follow something and don’t ask why, we are often missing out on the possible wisdom embedded within the knowledge we have been given. Religion is rich in these type of practices with the original knowledge lost to the sands of time and ignorance. There is a special reason why gratitude is VERY powerful, and a daily practice of it will reap a dragon-mound of wealth over a lifetime, for yourself and your offspring. Gratitude is a powerful energy because it has two properties. Firstly it solidifies and strengthens existing energy structures, and secondly it transmutes lower frequency energy into higher frequency energy in the matter of seconds or minutes. Here is a test: The next time you feel upset about something or have a bad experience sit still, close your eyes and start to feel grateful for the experience you have just had. Tell yourself grateful thoughts. Here is an example: You are working in the garden and you cut your finger very badly. Initially you may feel upset or angry. As you sit still you start to tell yourself these thoughts:

¬†”Thank goodness I was at home and close to a first aid kit.”

“I feel so grateful that I have disinfectant and a bandage in the kit.”

“Wow! I was so lucky the cut was not deeper.”

“I suppose I should rest now and do something different.”

“Cool! I can test my new herb mixture to see how quickly it can heal this deep cut.”

You may be able to see that each of these thoughts would create a BETTER feeling energy. This is how gratitude transforms energy in a few moments. All it takes is practice and the desire to feel a better energy. I had the experience of badly slashing the finger joint on my right index finger yesterday on a sharp piece of bamboo while digging in the tomato bed. The blood stains are still on the pavement outside! At first I was a little upset, but I used all of the above statements and within one minute I was feeling great. Not only that, the pain in my finger disappeared! And while I had planned to dig the new compost area today, instead, so that my finger can heal, I am writing this article and feeling great about doing something I love and have not done for a while. On top of that the deep cut on my finger joint is totally pain free and healing very fast. There could be many more WHY questions coalescing in your thinking right now – and hopefully in reading this article it has inspired you to be more curious about life. One such question could be: “Why does transmuting energy and feeling better affect our wealth and life experience?” I am not going to answer this question and instead I will give you the chance to ask questions by using the comment option below this article. I will reply to any questions posted. How to practice the art of gratitude … Thank you Here are two things you can start doing from today to practice the art of gratitude. Firstly, when anything happens both good and ‘bad’ in your life say “thank you”. Say thank you¬†inside of yourself and feel grateful for the experience. Secondly, start each day by putting aside just ten minutes and go through your current life experiences one by one that you feel good about. Say thank you¬†for that experience. These two practices will use the properties of the gratitude energy to transmute your current energy and also solidify the energy of your current positive experiences, thereby creating more of what you want faster. There is so much more that I could write about the gratitude energy but for now I will remain open to questions from any curious readers before adding anything else to the story about gratitude. Use the comment options below to ask questions and I will reply. In gratitude.