GMO Food Labelling

GMO food labelling in PhilippinesDid you know that the main issue being created by GMO’s in foods is allergic reaction – creating swelling, digestive issues, and immune issues such as joint pain.

GMO’s are causing an IMMUNE response — BIG OUCH — because they are substances alien to¬†our bodies. Our bodies do NOT recognise the new proteins so our immune systems attack them – yes our immune systems are attacking the food we eat !!!

GMO’s are causing a massive array of hard to diagnose health issues – and children are the most prone because their immune systems are underdeveloped.

GMO food labelling in Philippines


It is important to be able to identify GMO products in the processed foods that we eat.

You can take control by requesting the food manufacturers that you buy products from to add GMO labelling to their foods.

Taking a few minutes to contact manufacturers and ask them when they are going to label the GMO status of their products will assist many people in the future and help reduce the potential harm to many.

There is an amazing video you can watch – here is a one minute extract from the last segment:

And here is the trailer for the full movie: Genetic Roulette Movie :


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