Billy project home of goat owner

I used to be quite a miserable person – ha ha – very moody and emotional … until …

Yes!  What did I do? This IS a magic question.

Well, I will tell you.

Simply every morning when I woke up I would choose to feel grateful. And despite the fact I would often wake up feeling grumpy and scratchy, I would still remember quickly my decision to choose to feel happy and grateful every day of my life for the rest of my days. Quickly I would then change my focus. And I then would start to feel great.

Now you may think I was living a life of luxury at the time, but nope! My physical environment was the ‘worst’ I had ever lived in my whole life – and yet –  where I chose to live was my ‘HOME’

Every day – yes EVERY DAY… I realized AND remembered how blessed I was compared to a whopping 88% of the rest of the planet’s population! After all I only had to walk 3m to get water from an electric powered well, where 70% of the world’s population has to travel 200m or more — and here in the village I live in, it’s about 300m in the dry season for most of my neighbors :(.

I live in the Philippines for only one reason – so I can feel AMAZING each and every day because EACH day I experience something that reminds me how incredibly blessed I am. And I can tell you, a life lived with a feeling of gratitude is a life SO worth living – it’s a magical feeling that can never be explained till you choose it for yourself.

Below is a pic of one of my neighbors homes … we gave them a goat the other day via our new Billy project to empower the local kids to support themselves with their education — we received support from 10 people in 4 days to buy 10 goats for the kids here – BIG blessing — I know we will be FLOODED from here on 🙂

… After all, if I go to sleep at night and know I have done nothing to make someone else’s life easier and more fun in ‘my’ village – I will not sleep the best… After all — I am SO skilled and SO creative and if I do NOTHING I am missing out on an opportunity to feel something SPECIAL. I love the feeling of connection with all my ‘family’ 🙂 And EVERYONE is my family.

Here is the project we created last week to create magic here : it’s paypal enabled — he he 🙂  I always love to create special results for everyone. 🙂

Just yesterday Rizza, a 12 year-old received a goat from our Happy House Farm guest Maude from Quebec Canada. She was the first to receive a goat via the Billy Project.

That single goat will pay for her WHOLE high-school education and maybe, if she is focused, her university education. After-all – it’s all up to her focus. But I am sure she will create magic and create the future she desires.

We now have 10 goats to give to local kids in the next few days thanks to the generous contributions of our guests and their families – we feel so blessed we can share our focus at the Happy House Farm with ALL of our community. Life is special….


(by the way – the photo is of Rizza’s home)