Where_the_color_flows____by_Morte2437It’s Monday morning right now, 6:50am to be exact. I’ve have been ‘at work’ now since 6am. Last night, yes Sunday evening, I was working from 5pm to 7pm on a project. Today I may sleep during the afternoon if I need to or want to. Yes you guess right I do not have an ordinary job – I have a LIFE!

Work is an important integration into life. Even if you are super blessed and you don’t have to work to pay your living expenses, doing work keeps us alive. Having work projects that inspire and enliven our lives adds vitality to the way we live, making us happier and feeling more fulfilled.

If you are moving into your Monday morning now and feel down and low in energy because your work does not inspire you then maybe it’s time for your to take more focus in your future. If you start imagining today the type of work that would inspire you, and then start to reeducate yourself, in a very short time period you could be enjoying a completely different line of work.

Your work should be about work flow and not work hours. If you are working hours that do not suit your natural flow, or performing work that does not inspire you, someone else is controlling your life! Take control of your own life from today and start to empower your future by creating the choices you would love to experience.

I am 48 years old and work as I please when I please. At times I have a lot of money and at other times very little. I no longer have independent assets that generate financial wealth for me while I sleep – I lost all these recently – and yet, I am still very free.

I can only do what I do because of the skills and knowledge I have built over many years. I have constantly educated and reeducated myself. I have never stopped learning. I have created over 9 businesses in 6 or 7 different industries in five different countries. I have earned lots of money, created lots of money, spent lots of money and lost lots of money! And yet I am very free, simply from the choices I make each and everyday for my present and my future.

If you are tied to work that does not flow your energy, then you can start to unravel a better life for yourself right from today by starting to imagine your life how it could be. And as you imagine you will start to feel excited. Don’t fall into the trap of getting upset about your current life but instead ‘give thanks’ or feel grateful for what you have right now. What you have right now has served you well so far and serves your well so there is no need to get upset about it.

As you imagine a new future allow your mind to wander through different possibilities and as you feel inspired take action step by step. Your first steps will probably be to educate yourself in new areas and learn new skills. You can start small as you find your feet in your new empowered life focus. And as you start to flow in your life never get upset about what you have – always focus on the new blessings coming your way soon – seeded from your imagination.

If you want to read an inspiring story then read Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins. Here is a link to a free ebook copy:  Inside this special book is a great personal story how Anthony moved his life from a run down single bedsit room to a life of magic in just a few years.

Above all allow yourself to dream and let your imagination flow. And then when you go back to your work, feel grateful for what it gives you. And as things start to accelerate towards the new life you are creating – let go and flow! Never live in fear – life is way to short to bother about this wasteful energy. The worst that can every happen to you is you end up dead – and yet you will end up dead anyway – so what the heck – LIVE!

And Richard Bach in his book Illusions (free pdf copy link) says this :

You are lead through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self. Don’t turn away from possible futures before you’re certain you don’t have anything to learn from them. You’re always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.