colour swirl largeCreating what we want in our lives is all about attraction. And yet the Law of Attraction really does not fully describe in simple terms how something is attracted into our lives. In simple terms things are actually created in our lives through resonance. If you want to experience something you have to have the same resonance (frequency) of what you want.

If you have struggled for some time to create what you want using the principles outlined in the Law of Attraction from sources like ‘The Secret’, now you know the missing piece of the puzzle that may have eluded you.

So if we wanted to more accurately describe how we attract/create things into our lives, we could call the mechanism The Law of Resonance. This does not invalidate the Law of Attraction – it’s simply a component of the same mechanism. We attract what we want by using resonance.

In order for you to experience something new in your life, you must be able to hold the frequency of having now what you want within your energy field (being).

When you resonate at the frequency of your desired attraction, you will then experience the manifestation of your desires incredibly fast.

What tends to delay manifestation of desires is cross flow or more specifically – changing frequencies. When we vacillate between the feeling of having something, wanting something and not having something, these three states all have completely different frequencies. So it’s like you want to listen to FM 93.6 but you keep switching the dial between FM 96.9, FM 96.4 and FM 93.6. So yes you are on frequency some of the time, but not all the time. This sends out a confused or mixed frequency request so your results are either unclear or slow in coming to you.

Our feelings are in fact an intricate energy frequency communication system. Communication between what you may ask? Yes this is a big question. To keep things simple right now, you are communicating between the present you and your being or spirit.

When most people start talking about spirit or spiritual aspects they often seem to fly off into the realm of the ‘un-concrete’. The biggest problem though that most people have in seeing things from a spiritual view point is because they see themselves as either a body with a brain and nothing else, or a body with a spirit. Both of these perspectives, while neither being wrong – after all the frameworks we use in our lives are just like scaffolding – they hold our world together in our thinking;  are in fact quite limiting in terms of creating greater life potential.

I use the framework of a being a spirit with a body. I see myself and others as spiritual beings that have chosen to create bodies to experience physical life. When you use this framework a whole different set of ‘rules’ come into play. Being a spirit with a body is in fact a completely different playground, to choosing the focus of being a body with a spirit. For many the two frameworks would seem the same, but they are not. They have a whole different set of framework concepts and framework potentials.

How you see life determines how you experience it. After all, you always get what you see! So if you use the framework of being a spirit with a body you are seeing yourself and life as so much more, so you experience so much more. We can only ever experience what we see, and what we see is based on how we choose to see things!

When we use the framework of seeing ourselves as spirits with bodies then we see everything as vibration. We also observe and experience that vibrations (frequencies) of a similar nature gather together, and are in fact are drawn towards each other, or repelled, based on their similarity of frequency. If you like, you can imagine a giant soup of swirling liquid mixed with a myriad of different but distinct colours. As you imagine this, you could also imagine how this liquid is flowing and swirling with similar colours being attracted to each other and moving closer together in the liquid mass while at the same time pushing away dissimilar colours.

So coming back to my original focus point. Everything I experience in this life is based around resonance. So if I want a different experience I simple hold the resonance of the frequency I desire within myself and voilà I will experience what I want very fast. But if I jump around between focusing on wanting, or not having (wanting is a different vibration to having), then I will delay my desired experience.

So without going into more detail, let me make it very easy for you to experiment with the information I have shared so far. All you need to remember is that your feelings are your frequency generator. And of course you can change your feelings using your thinking. So just try this: Think of a flower, any flower, and create the image of the flower in your mind – close your eyes if you need to. And now observe how you feel. Like most people you will feel great of course – but if you don’t, you may have had a  past experiences with flowers that left you feeling bad. Now try the next object. Think of a war, any war that you have some knowledge of. Now observe how you feel. Again like most people you will feel bad. And again, if you feel good this is because you have had a different experience or hold a unique focus point with war.

Now you have experienced your emotional system and created two different vibratory experiences. So you see how easy it is to create the frequency you desire – you simply focus on having what you want. There is nothing to learn in doing these experiments, you are simply using a built in natural function. The level of detail you focus on is up to you. If however your energy starts dropping as you focus on more details simple ‘zoom out’ on the details and focus on the level where you still feel great. Sometimes focusing on too many details can overwhelm us as we start to think how we are going to create what we want. Never think about the how at this stage unless it excites you. Leave the how till later, much later, or never at all, depending on your personality and skill set.

As you explore with your mind all the aspects that the having what you want will give you, you generate good feelings around your desire. So this is the creative visualisation element to creation. You are not in fact creating much here while using your mind, until you engage fully with your imagination and generate the feelings you desire. Once you can feel active feelings you know you are generating specific frequencies that will bring the experience to you. Life is frequency, creation is frequency attunement.

Now here are the crunch points. Remember: focus on having now what you want. Do not fall into the trap of focusing on not having  or wanting something. If you hold the energy focus of wanting something you will simply create the experience of more wanting! And if you focus on not having then you will create not having what you want.

At this point in the creation game most people will ‘jump into their heads’ and start making lots of statements such as ‘I cannot control my thoughts so I will never be able to create what I want!’. When you get thoughts jumping into you mind that are not about having what you want, or do not make you feel good, then simple observe them, and then let them go. Then go back to the focus of having what you want. Eventually you will train your energy system to simply focus on what you want and not all the clutter you have played around with previously in your life. You will become a focused creator. But do not despair as you play – it does take time to perfect the art of frequency creation using your emotions. Just keep going and play with your new tool. Never give up, just keep practicing and playing and having fun. After all, this is really is what life is about – play and fun. Enjoy!