Busy Week At Happy House Farm

We have had a great week – super productive and even had time for the beach at San Fabian. We can see the sea from our farm, it’s about 3 km away but by road it takes 30 minutes seeing we have to drive the long way around. We enjoyed resting and collecting some seaweed for our compost.


Ken Kai exhausted!


Minda and Myra collecting seaweed


David resting


Young boy at the beach


Centre beach San Fabian












We completed a number of tree and plant projects around the farm. Most of our trees have not been cared for now for over 3 months seeing our full time person Minda had an accident at home so could not work. With us resident now we can catch up on things.


Cashew’s composted and staked

Enclosed vegi plot dug out

Enclosed vegi plot dug out







We dug out the enclosed vegi plot so we can now plant salad vegi’s while keeping the chickens at bay a little with the fence.


Bamboo stack created

Even simple things like stacking up bamboo takes a lot of time here. In the heat it can make a simple task a bit more challenging that is why we try to work with the cycle of the day – starting early and then stopping around 11am and then continuing once it has cooled off around 3pm. By 3:30pm the temperatures can drop 8 degrees with the cool afternoon sea breeze and the sun starting to get covered by the trees.