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Best Group Venue Near Manila – 7 Reasons To Bring Your Group To Visit Happy House Organic Farm Now!


If you’re looking for the best group venue near Manila with authentic nature experience, then you must visit Happy House Organic Farm in La Union!

With the fast-paced city life, it’s refreshing to experience a nature-friendly vacation once in a while. And when we say nature-friendly, it means you’ll experience organic farming, mushroom day, exploring the vegetable garden, even making tea with lemongrass.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Now, let’s escape the noisy and polluted city and find out what makes Happy House Organic Farm the best group venue near Manila:

#1 Great Value For Money For Your Group Stay

Wait! Before you think that we used these words just to promote our place, feel free to check out our group guest reviews.

Their farm group experience is priceless. They get to see how we plant our food in the vegetable garden, and by lunchtime, they get to taste them!

Hand-picked, all organic, no preservatives.

And you’re also welcome to spend a day (or two) with us!

#2 Can Accommodate Groups Up To 100 Persons

As most people consider big venues as the best group venue near Manila, we are excited to tour you around our 1.5 hectares of nature paradise! Perfect if you want to stay away from overcrowded destinations.

Aside from the vegetable garden, you can also enjoy the fishponds along with your group and there are plenty of nature walks nearby.

The activities you can experience here will not only bring real connection with nature and the environment but will also bring you closer to your team and friends.

You can run your own group program or let us take care of your group program.

Seeing things you don’t usually see in your everyday life at the office or at home will give you a new perspective. Something new to talk about when you get back from this vacation.

And similar to what our previous guests experience, your group will have lasting memories, bonding, learnings, and insights.

#3 Just 3 Hours Away From Quezon City

Another reason why the Happy House Organic Farm is the best group venue near Manila is the location.

From Quezon City, you can get here in as fast as 3 hours via TPLEX. To get started, just type in “Happy House Organic Farm” in Waze or Google Maps to know our exact location.

Or if you want to commute, whether you’re from Manila or Baguio, just take a bus going to Rosario, La Union. Then, ride a tricycle. Or we can pick you up from Rosario township.

And if you don’t want to stress over your transportation, just let us know. So we can pick up your group and bring you here!

Less time on the road means more time for team-building and relaxation.

#4 There’s no Expectations vs Reality

In the social media era, tourists often complain about expectations versus reality.

They see lots of beautifully curated photos online, they do everything to visit the Instagrammable place, and they get disappointed when they see it.


Because there’s not much to see and experience in the place except for that one Instagrammable spot.

Most people travel for the sake of photos. Instead of learning more about the place, people tend to make it a race. Posting more photos became the goal. And it adds more pressure to our society that sells the idea of “Travel Goals”.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they travel responsibly.

Now, if you just want to take pictures, I’ll be honest, our place isn’t made for Instagram.

But if you want to learn about the environment, detoxify, learn about planting and composting, experience bucket shower, and more, then Happy House Organic Farm is for you.

Here, you will have a chance to put your phone away, and experience life in its simple form. No pressure, no comparison. You get to enjoy things at your own pace.

#5 Your Group Get Closer to Nature

Have you ever tasted good food, without any preservatives?

Can you survive a day on a farm, without a fast-food chain?

Have you seen an Avocado tree all grown up?

Do you have any idea what a Mushroom day is all about?

These are just some of the experiences that will bring you closer to Mother Nature, and we’re excited to have you all here.

The overlooking sea, 3 fish ponds, bamboo “Little” happy house, and the vegetable garden were all waiting for you.

#6 Your Group Members Learn Ways to Combat Climate Change

Nowadays, there are lots of alarming news about climate change. And we share it often on social media.

There’s nothing wrong about it, but we can’t combat climate change with likes, shares, and comments. Do you agree?

How about, let’s actually start the change with ourselves?

Can we start it with the way we travel?

If yes, then Happy House Organic Farm is the best group venue near Manila that can help you get started with this change.

Being equipped with the right knowledge about the environment would help you travel more responsibly. And this time, you’re not just learning things over the internet. You’re going to experience things first-hand!

#7 There’s No Place Like This For Your Group

There’s no denying that the Philippines offers countless destinations for you and your team.

You might ask “What sets us apart?”

Happy House Organic Farm is the best group venue near Manila simply because of passion. The people behind this place built this organic farm from the ground up around their passion for making life simple again.

With the belief that this kind of lifestyle can help you discover how to live life to its greatest potential. Once you visit us, you will have the best time to reconnect with yourself, with your team, and with nature.

So when you feel like the world around you is rushing, and you can’t catch up, pause for a while.

A visit with us can make you experience how amazing and exciting a simple life can be.


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