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7 Health Benefits You Can Get at Happy House Organic Farm when you visit the ‘Best Group Nature Venue in the Philippines’ !

Did you know that a visit to Happy House Organic Farm, the best group nature venue in the Philippines, can boost your creativity and help improve your mood?

Yes, aside from the fun adventures, nature venues come with lots of benefits for your well-being. This is why activities like hiking and biking easily become a trend here in the Philippines.

But if your team is consist of people without much experience from these outdoor activities, you can still get all the benefits when you visit Happy House Organic Farm.

You can still experience nature and the simple life without leg muscle pain. Plus, it’s just 3 hours away from Manila. Ideal, right?

So, let me share with you 7 more benefits you can enjoy here at the best group nature venue in the Philippines:

#1 Nature Venue Boosts Creativity, Insight, and Problem-Solving

In a study conducted by the University of Kansas, there’s a 50 percent improvement in creativity after spending a few days steeped in nature. It said that nature can help the brain relax, which results in making the person more imaginative, happier, better, and more productive.

And these things are much-needed results from any team building activity. That after the fun experience, the team will perform better and will feel happier.

The study also says that the information we consistently get from social media, electronics, and cellphone is bad because it limits our brain capabilities.

#2 Helps Your Group Cope With Stress

Aside from the increased creativity, the best group nature venue in the Philippines can also help lower the stress level.

An article in Daily Mail stated that “Studies have shown that people deprived of contact with nature were at greater risk of depression and anxiety.”

There’s no doubt that in our current generation, mental health has become a huge topic. When you check social media, most of the things you see will give you a negative feeling.

That’s why here at Happy House Organic Farm, we offer you 1.5 hectares of natural paradise just to escape from the stress of modern life. You have the freedom to enjoy the mountain views, overlooking sea, 3 fishponds, and vegetable farm.

#3 Nature Will Help You Stay Fit

Even if we eliminate hiking, here at Happy House Organic Farm, you still get to walk around, run, experience the farm, and have some physical activities for your team building.

And by moving around, it helps you stay fit and active. You don’t just sit, use your phone, and take pictures. Because we will let you have a hands-on farm adventure.

Plus you also get to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that we have here. No preservatives, everything is organic.

#4 Awe Enhances Well-Being

Have you ever felt awe upon staring nature?

If yes, here’s another great news for you and your team.

A research study at Stanford Business shows that when you felt awe, you tend to experience greater life satisfaction and you are more willing to volunteer your time to help other people.

Now let me ask you, isn’t that the core value of any kind of team building?

To help one another and to boost morale.

Maybe this explains why most people instantly feel good when they travel. And this is why people tend to travel every time they feel so stressed at work, with their family, and when they want to move on from failed relationships. Because seeing awesome natural landscapes feels like an escape, a breath of fresh air.

#5 Healthier Air for Your Group

Speaking of fresh air, Happy House Organic Farm will also provide this for you. As an eco venue, you are guaranteed to smell the fresh air all day.

In here, there’s no pollution. Just Instagram-worthy place, with improved quality of air.

#6 Natural Sunlight is Good for You

Aside from the fresh air, you will also get the full benefits of enjoying the sunlight.

As mentioned by a research study, more people suffered from health issues because of a lack of sunlight. Compared to a very small number who suffered health issues due to UV radiation.

This means sunlight offers you more benefits than harm. So, let’s correct the common misconception that sunlight is harmful because the lack of it is more dangerous.

Plus, sunlight also boosts your body’s vitamin D supply, which helps maintain the health of bones and teeth.

#7 Helps Improve Your Mood

We all know that walking regularly reduces depression syndrome.

But did you know that when walking is done in nature, the effect increases? Nature helps your well-being and as mentioned earlier, it makes you a lot happier.

Experts say that nature fuels the soul, more than the caffeine kick of a cup of coffee. People become more resilient to health issues and when they come closer to nature. And these things all lead up to a better mood.

Here at the best group nature venue in the Philippines, you will surely get all these benefits. The long-term health benefits for a very affordable price.


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Together, let’s have a simple life. Away from the stress and pollution.

I hope you find this article fruitful, and if you want your next company team-building to happen here, share this with your team!

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