Alex – volunteer testemonial

Alex volunteer from UK

“I had a lovely stay with Carol, David and Kyra at the Happy House Farm – It’s a great place in the countryside where you can really get to know everyone and the local way of life.

Life at the farm is simple and laid back, you can help out as you please at the farm.  It’s a great place to relax. Carol’s cooking is so fresh and lovely – I’ve probably never had a healthier week in my life!

I definitely recommend a stay at the Happy House Farm!”

2019 Update

Alex was one of our special WWOOF guests back in 2015 when we were mainly hosting WWOOF guests. Alex and the other WWOOF guests at the time helped build the water tank that now provides us with clean protable water through the long summer months when the farm in the past experiences drought.

These days with our new deep well we have plenty of water all year but the tank is still used as our backup supply and if anything is left over it’s put to good use on the rice planting in June.




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