African night crawlers at Happy House Farm (Pt 1/2) …

African Night crawlersOur little worm wigglers are doing great now after we created better breeding grounds for them.

Peek at this video and you will see how we have made some simple adaptations that you can use in a small home garden. We have still got the worms (African Night Crawlers) in the main vermicompost pile in the field area and they are doing really well.

We discovered they LOVE bamboo leaves in their bedding mix along with the traditional shredded cardboard. The leaves balance the PH as well as the excess nitrogen (you can smell the ammonia if you have excess nitrogen). Leaves are high carbon so use the excess nitrogen to decompose faster giving the worms more food to eat and a nice soft breeding bed.

Worms are just the perfect composting companion. They love the compost pile as long as it is managed with active composting and old inactive areas. The worms will only live in the old compost area seeing it is not hot from nitrogen compost break down activity. Even small compost heaps can get to over 100 degrees Celsius at the centre, so this is obviously too hot for worms. But if you move your old compost material to a different part of the heap and add plenty of bedding material there – we use layered wetted cardboard and as mentioned, bamboo leaves – then they will be in worm wriggler paradise.

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