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7 Surprising Group Activities at Happy House Organic Farm

If you think that simple farm life is boring, maybe you haven’t heard about these 7 surprising group activities at Happy House Organic Farm – a perfect affordable team building venue near Manila.

The eco group activities we do are far from boring! (And of course, you can run your own activities at our organic group venue).

This organic farm group venue has 1.5 hectares total space, 3 fish ponds, an outdoor kitchen, and a camping area with a bonfire. Imagine a simple life away from all the city hustle. Yes, that’s what you will experience here and more.

Now, let us find out how exciting it is to bring your group for a day or overnight stay on the farm!

Here are 7 Surprising Group Activities To Enjoy At Our Affordable Team Building Venue Near Manila in 2019

1. Plant and Name your Tree on Google Maps
2. Build a Creative Path at Happy House Organic Farm
3. Make Compost
4. Plant and Transplant Trees as a Group Activity
5. Paint an Eco-friendly themed Mural
6. Guided Nature Walk Around the Organic Farm while Collecting Herbs
7. Fishing for Dinner at Happy House Organic Farm’s Fish Pond

#1 Plant and Name your Tree on Google Maps

Of course, the farm experience will not be complete if there is no actual tree planting activity. We understand that this activity is not extraordinary, that’s why we have a fun twist for this.

Not only you get to plant your own tree, but you also get to name it on Google Maps. Yes, we allow you to own it.

Isn’t it fun to see your own tree displayed on Google Maps?

#2 Build a Creative Path at Happy House Organic Farm

You get to unleash your inner creative artist with this one of the most surprising group activities at Happy House Organic Farm.

We will provide you with cobblestone, cement, shells, and other organic decorating materials. All you have to do is showcase your personal style.

You can actually use various shapes, colors, and texture to express yourself.

There’s no time limit because we are not fans of anything rush. The pressure belongs to the city. Here, you get things done on your own timing. We want you to enjoy every minute of expressing yourself. You can also add your name to the design you will create.

And you get to see it again on your next visit!

#3 Make Organic Compost

Getting your hands into the dirt is a simple activity while doing something very productive. Without compost, plants will not grow that well.

Composting as a group will remind everyone of having simple fun just throwng soil around! It often also reminds many of the times as a child – being free and not held back by caring parents wanting to make sure you stay clean!

For those who want more details, there is plenty to learn about the technical aspects of composting and for others, it can just be a great group practical and fun physical activity.

#4 Plant and Transplant Trees as a Group Activity

Similar to the first group activity mentioned, you also learn here the proper planting of seeds and the transplanting of trees.

Lots of people think that this is a very easy thing to do. But actually, there are lots of things you need to consider to successfully grow your tree.

Things like the soil type, availability of sunlight, climate, and exposure to drying winds should be considered. Then, you also have to learn that taking care of the trees include watering, fertilizing, and pruning.

It might surprise you that trees also need proper care, and that’s what you will experience here. More than just the Instagram-worthy photos or relaxation, you will also bring home lots of valuable learnings.

And if you are an environmental advocate, I’m sure you will love every minute of your experience here!

#5 Paint a Themed Mural

To those who want to express their passion for art without any distractions, we encourage you to paint the bare walls of Happy House Organic Farm with your imagination.

As you immerse yourself in the calmness of nature, the inspirations will definitely overflow. For a moment, you have to take a break from social media which limits the power of your mind. Because you just keep on consuming rapid content from other people.

So we want to empower you to do the exact opposite of consumption. Here, you will not depend on other’s ideas, opinions, and points of view.

You get to create anything outside of the box. And we can’t wait to see the uninfluenced version of your works! We believe that you will realize a lot of things when you have a relaxed mind.

#6 Guided Nature Walk Around the Organic Farm while Collecting Herbs

Did you know that walking comes with lots of benefits for your body?

In an article by Better Health, they indicated that walking is actually good for your heart, lungs, blood pressure, weight, bones, and muscle. And that’s why this activity made it to the 7 surprising group activities at Happy House Organic Farm.

We want you to become healthy and fit.

And while we do this guided nature walk, we also let you collect wild herbs along the way! I hope you can identify every herb on our farm. We eat a lot of the wild herbs – they are perfect for health and grow without care.

#7 Fishing for Dinner at Happy House Organic Farm’s Fish Pond

To cap the day, who can say no to a very exciting fishing activity?

Well, you have to be a bit competitive when it comes to fishing because this will be your dinner. Yes, whatever you get from the fish pond, it will be your meal.

If you worry that the fish might not be enough for everyone in your group, we have a piece of good news. Because we actually have 3 fish ponds where everyone can try their luck!

We look forward to having this one-of-a-kind dinner with the rest of your team.


So we are ready when you are for your visit when you are looking for an affordable team building venue near manila in 2019.


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