La Union: Your Next Affordable Team Building Destination

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One of the challenges of companies and groups in Northern Luzon is finding an affordable team building venue in La Union.

Because when we talk about team building venues, people automatically think of Batangas or Laguna, which you can find in Southern Luzon.

If you live in Manila, traveling to Batangas is fine. But imagine if you are living in Baguio City or La Union and you need to travel to Batangas just for your team building activity. It’s inconvenient, right?

That’s why Happy House Organic Farm offers an affordable team building venue in La Union to cater to the needs of groups in Baguio and La Union. And here are the things you need to know…

5 Reasons Why La Union is an Ideal Team Building Destination

1. La Union is an Affordable Option
2. Team Building Venue Near Baguio City
3. Fun Activities Await You
4. Perfect Weather for Team Building Activities
5. All Organic Venue for Team Building Near Manila

#1 Your Next Affordable Team Building Destination In La Union

When your group or organization is from Baguio and you choose La Union as your venue, you save more.

You save on both time and money.

Instead of allotting a huge chunk of your budget for transportation, you just need minimal expenses for transportation.

And instead of traveling far, a local venue gives you more team-building time.

And the savings you get from eliminating the transportation expenses can be used for the next team building activity or can also be donated for your chosen cause. Either way, you should take a look at this consideration.

Choosing a venue closer to your office or organization means lower expenses. And you don’t have to worry about hiring transport services or agencies to get you there. So you just focus on making the team-building fun and exciting.

After all, getting your team on the ground as fast as possible having fun together – connecting – and taking time through activities to get to know each other, pays the highest dividend. Sitting on a bus just sends your team to sleep!

#2 Team Building Venue Near Baguio City

Aside from the financial savings, you can also say goodbye to the stressful traffic. Because Metro Manila traffic is really exhausting.

When you allot 2 days for the team building activity and you have to travel from Baguio City all the way to Batangas, be prepared to spend one whole day just for the travel time. And once you reach the team building venue, everyone in your team already feels tired.

Long travel time might affect the mood of your team, and they might not appreciate the activities you prepare for them. Plus traveling as a large group would require constant coordination, more stopovers, and you are pressured to meet the schedule.

That’s why you need to consider a healthy travel time for your team. 1 to 2 hours is fine. Your team will reach the team building venue feeling excited and game for the activities.

This affordable team building venue in La Union is just 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Baguio City – and that’s with a break en-route.

This makes this venue ideal if you want to have extreme physical activities for your team and lots of fresh air. Because they will reach the destination in full energy and excitement!

#3 Fun Activities Await You

At Happy House Organic Farm in La Union, you will never run out of fun team building activities for your team if we organise your event. From planting trees to painting a mural, you can do it all here!

And the fun doesn’t stop there!

Here, we promote nature-friendly activities that have lasting impacts for your team and for nature.

We can start your team building off with a guided nature walk, going to the beach along the river bed and through the paddy field areas.

We also make swimming competitions more fun by making it a seaweed collecting competition. For about an hour, teams will do their best to beat the other team by collecting more seaweed. While those who do not want to compete can wear mermaid costumes and just enjoy the sea.

This is totally safe because the water is shallow with no drop-off and no strong currents.

After that, teams can cap their day with a laidback BBQ party by the beach. Lots of our guests love watching the sunset while socializing over BBQ. Conversations become raw and sincere, and the team experiences a real connection.

And of course, you can run your own programs and just hire our venue or pick our brains for fun and unique things to do with your team.

#4 Perfect Weather for Team Building Activities

While mentioning the safety of our beach, it’s also worth noting that La Union has the perfect weather.

While other countries experience the wintertime from October to January, La Union boasts of its stable weather.

Having nice weather is very significant when planning for team building activities. If you don’t want to spend the team building waiting for the typhoon to stop, then book this affordable team building venue in La Union.

We rarely experience rain from mid-November through to mid-May.

Our Happy House Organic Farm also provides you with fresh air, we surround you with trees to make this possible. Here, you never have to worry about pollution.

#5 All Organic Venue for Team Building Near Manila

Happy House Organic Farm is well-known for being a 100% organic eco-farm venue. We guarantee all our guests that we have zero chemical sprays. This is to maintain the credibility of our farm and to ensure you only experience chemical-free adventure.

There are many conventional small-scale farms in our area, but they make little use of chemical sprays.  They rely on local low-cost farming methods instead. So our surrounding area is very natural.

We, however, do everything the natural way. There’s no little-bit-of-spray! We are zero-spray and zero artificial fertilizer and 100% organic.

And yes, you can experience all these things first-hand when you visit our place.

So, if you share the same passion for the environment, we would like to invite you to experience our eco-farm venue.

We’re open to both big and small groups, who want to escape the busy life in the city and experience the fun of simple farm life.

From Manila, it’s just 2 to 3 hours away via the new TPLEX Expressway. You can easily find our location using Waze or Google Maps.

Bring your team, and we will give you lasting memories. We are looking forward to sharing all the fun with you. Contact us well in advance and let’s arrange the best team building ever!

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