group venue team-building La Union meal time

La Union: Your Next Affordable Team Building Destination

When you hear others talk about team building venues, everyone automatically thinks of Batangas or Laguna, which you can find in Southern Luzon. La Union is a superb low-cost-paradise waiting to be discovered!
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La Union meal time for team-building group

Affordable Team Building Venue Near Manila 2019

7 Surprising Group Activities at Happy House Organic Farm - An affordable team building venue near Manila 2019
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Team-building venues 2109 activity idea

Team Building Venue 2019 – Team Building Activities

Want some great team-building activity ideas? Sure - read this article to get some great ideas about what can be done at the Happy House Organic Farm with your team.
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best group nature venue in Philippines Kobo pic

Best Group Nature Venue in the Philippines

7 health benefits you can get at Happy House Organic Farm when you visit the 'Best Group Nature Venue in the Philippines'.
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Best group venue near manila group painting

Best Group Venue Near Manila

If you’re looking for the best group venue near Manila with authentic nature experience, then you must visit Happy House Organic Farm in La Union!
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Organic rice production in the Philippines

Organic Rice Production In The Philippines

It's October and we are the first in our barangay (village) of Gumot to harvest our rice. This year's harvest is the best we have had in 5 years of planting rice.
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organic shredder

Organic Farm Shredder

The beauty of organic farming is that it's comprised of many principles or activities, for example composting. Woodchippers are an essential tool on the organic farm.
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farming with the moon

Did you know there is a flow cycle?

                  Did you know that if you waited just a single day your results could be 200% better and your workload 80% less and your energy 180% higher? With results like these who would not want them! Most people wake up and just get the jobs done…
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WWOOF dryer weather coming

Getting ready for the drier WWOOF weather …

Back in  February we were showcased on ABS-CBN News Green Living program. It was the middle of the dry season then at a time when we get no rain for 5 to 6 months. Right now we are coming to the end of the wet season so it’s planing time for when we can grow things…
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microbes organics image

21st Century Organic Farming

                  Since I started gardening in 1973 when I was 7 years old, everything I have learned has changed. I discovered organic farming when I was travelling in my mid 20’s in New Zealand and working as a WWOOF volunteer. Funnily  enough one of the people I met all those…
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Agnes at sunrise on our farm

Image History updated

[ From 2015 ] Over the last 2 years we have been SO blessed to be able to continue our vision of creating this little bit of paradise here in the Philippines.
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journey to school from Organic farm with volunteers

(2015) Our latest video (updated 2019) – trip through our village

[2015 Video] Take a look at our beautiful village on a tricycle journey with two overseas guests from the Happy House Farm to the Gumot school.
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