‘BILLY’ – Goat breading project to empower local children to go to school

‘Billy’ – Building LocaYouth

This is our rural and locally run enterprise project supporting and empowering our young school children with their education. Here in Gumot, La Union, Philippines – a simple ‘back-water’ but vibrant rural community in the north of the Philippines, we have to be creative to help the local kids gain a great education. Billy helps the kids empower themselves financially while learning key enterprising skills and at the same time provides much-needed financial support to the school itself. [/av_textblock] Billy allows local children to breed and raise goats Each goat is 80% owned by a child, and 20% by the school. When goats are sold the proceeds are split. Everybody wins. The child gains much needed financial support for their education and the school gets funds to keep the school running and provide better educational opportunities. The project is professionally managed by local community leaders and overseen by Happy House Organic Farm education centre. You buy a goat – it’s given to a child Children are selected from family’s in need massive wealth is created for the school and the child’s family over many years Goats breed twice a year and birth 1 to 3 kids Goats can breed again from around 6 months old The cycle and wealth growth continues with your help to get it started Each baby female goat costs 40 USD (around GBP 25). This would be your contribution amount. You can buy as many goats as you like! The local cost if you contribute at the Happy House Farm is 1500 pesos. Your contribution amount is an accurate representation of the market value of a young baby goat here in this area. And you can even buy 1/2 a goat and later we will put this contribution together with someone else’s. And of course you can gain the support of your friends to buy more goats. When you visit the Happy House Farm you can experience first hand the value and wealth that the goats bring to the families and the school. We do regular trips to visit the families.


Pay with PayPal You can select a full goat or 1/2 a goat. If you choose 1/2 a goat we will wait for another amazing person to contribute before delivering the goat to the family. On the next Paypal screen you can select more than one goat if you want to support more children.

Buy a goat

In the Philippines if you want to get something done you have to do it yourself! Government support is extremely limited in rural areas and it takes years to obtain basic infrastructure needs like roads and water supply and then there is no money for maintenance later on. Our community has a narrow concrete road but it’s in need of maintenance and our water is sourced by each family – there is no central water system. The local rural schools are no exception with the governments funds only covering the teachers salaries (most of the time!) and the power bill with a little left over for school expenses. So when it comes to maintaining classrooms or buying education items like computers, or simply keeping cool with a fan in the mid 30’s Celsius temperatures, it all comes down to community support to provide the school with it’s needs.

Spending the school funds

The funds generated for the school will be used in these projects that the Happy House Farm is currently promoting : happyhousefarm.com/volunteer-philippines


Free education… BUT!

And while education is free for all here in the Philippines, there are strong barriers for some children to go to school, especially high school. Kids going to elementary school have to have shoes and clean clothes. There are some kids in this area that have to borrow shoes from their neighbours and with some of them having to fetch water from nearly 1/2 km away, it’s hard in the dry season to even wash their clothes. Later on many kids simply drop out of high school because they cannot afford the bus fare to the local town 14km away. It costs them only 80 pesos a day but for so many families here this on a daily basis is a big stretch.

Financial education

We have a financial education program for the Billy family participants to help them plan and budget better. We encourage the opening of bank accounts to save money for eduction needs in the future so that the kids can complete their high-school education, as well as get them to consider health insurance so that health issues in the family do not drain their financial resources and the kids suffer.