About Happy House Organic Farm

Welcome to our Organic Farm & Eco Group Venue

Our focus is on enhanced lifestyle and environmental education: Helping make life simple again.

The Happy House Farm exists to help make life simple again, and support you to discover how to live your life to it’s greatest potential.

Our organic farm is easy to get to and located in a rural rice-farming area just 1km from the beach in the middle of nowhere. Our nearest town is Rosario, La Union 14km away. We are blessed with concrete road access right to the gate and we’re only 3km off the national highway so we are easy to reach by car and public transport.

With the TPLEX coming all the way to Rosario, La Union (2020), travel time from Manila (Quezon City area) is now only 2 1/2 hours with a non-stop drive – 3hrs with a break.

Life these days can be too busy and too fast. The Happy House Farm exists as a place of re-connection and re-education – allowing us all to reconnect with our environment, our true inner selves and with life in general. To live life to the full with ease and flow while living in a fast-paced world, requires re-education.

The education we receive at school normally does not prepare us for a life of full of fun, caring, joy, expression, empowerment, sensuality, abundance, and happiness because these natural experiences get side-swamped so easily by the pressures of modern living.


The property was purchased in September 2011. It was originally part of a 1.6-hectare parcel of land. Three-quarters of a hectare (7000m2) were subdivided off the original land, and 200m2 of land was purchased off another neighbour to gain road access for the new organic farm.

From 2012 building commenced starting with the ‘Little’ Happy House (bamboo house) and compost area and water tower. The real building started in March 2013 laying the foundations for the Happy House, driveway, water system tanks, recycle water system and septic tank.

Building on the Happy House was suspended in late 2013 because of funds shortage. In late 2013 the bamboo ‘Little’ Happy House was demolished and in its place, a permanent residency was built with an attached guest room where the compost area used to be. The Happy House was completed in mid-2014 providing guest space for up to 20 people with a kitchen and guest hang-out space.

Three fish ponds now exist on the farm having been completed in 2017. A further 500m2 pond is planned for 2019.

The Sky View Kobo was completed in 2019 and in late 2019 we rebuilt the Little Happy House.

Plans are underway in mid-2018 to extend the farm by another 1.6 hectares through the purchase of an adjoining property that has not been farmed commercially for over 3 years. This extension has become known as the Happy House Farm Extension. Negotiations are still underway in 2019.

This will bring the Happy House Farm to 2.5 hectares. There are also plans to extend the farm further by purchasing a 1.6-hectare forest-clad adjoining farm property, and using it for accommodation and team-building.

The ‘Big Happy House’ – the original main building on the site plan – a 500m2 two level octagonal building overlooking the sea will probably now be built as it is needed as the project grows.


As from mid-2019, we decided to focus 100% on supporting local and international groups. We no longer do day-visits or provide accommodation to individuals.

Organic Farm Location On Google Maps

Location  : https://goo.gl/maps/FdeQ6

How to get to us

Read our FAQ page to learn more. Here is a google map.